Pocket52 in an exclusive one on one with ‘siddhumoosewala’.

  Pocket52 In conversation with ‘sidhhumoosewala’. Understanding his journey from amateur to pro.   Parul: Please share your journey with poker. Siddhumoosewala: Back in 2010, I began to play poker on Zynga Poker App. Those were my graduation days. Once I got a job I started to play real money poker in 2013. Finally, in 2017 I quit my job and became a poker professional.   Parul: Which poker game type are you more fond of? Siddhumoosewala: I mostly

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An Interview With A Brilliant Poker Player At IIM Kozhikode.

And they said women can’t play poker… Pocket52 hosted a No Limit Hold’em poker tournament for the management students of IIM Kozhikode. We were honoured to interview the only female contestant who was ITM (Into The Money). Ms. Shaifali is a Management student at IIM Kozhikode and is a brilliant poker player. Let’s see what she had to say about the event and poker as a game in general. Debashish: So Shaifali what made you participate in the Pocket52

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A Paradigm Shift: The Social Image of The Game of Poker in IIM Kozhikode

Pocket52 conducted an online and offline tournament at Indian Institute of mangement IIM Kozhikode

Poker Ran Young Wild & Free on the grounds of IIM Kozhikode ‘Indian Institute of management’? The name gives a very geek like appearance. Like a place where a slew of India’s brightest minds are immersed in books and their Management Study research. But believe me, when I say, it is not true, the Kozhikode campus is not just about geeks. It’s a place for holistic development. IIM K had recently gained much attention in the media as one

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