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The work from home culture, which became omnipresent amidst COVID-19, is being steadily embraced as new normal by industries across the globe. But is it a new normal for the travel junkie in you? Or does it leave a void, because you still have unchecked activities on your to-do adventure list of this year? As experts from all around the world predict, the situation is going to be pretty much the same until the year-end. Chances are, you might not get your share of adventure excitement if you still have your hopes pinned on bungee jumping, skydiving, river rafting, snorkelling or even weekend dives in swimming pools and trekking. And yeah, did I mention those bike rallies? That too! I feel you all…after all, even I am one of you! 

So now that you are stuck at home with a laptop, mobile and internet connection (thanks to all those digital India campaigns), why not try some digital adventure? And meanwhile, make some money too! If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am suggesting online Poker here! Yes, playing online Poker at Pocket52 not only gave me an adventurous gaming experience but also a prolonged interactive entertainment with its huge poker network, multiple tournaments that go throughout the day, backed by cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator (RNG) which aids in providing high-quality games.

And it is not just me. In the past few months, the gaming sector in India has witnessed a spike of 41% increase in time spent, while entertainment and OTT platforms received a 31% spike (Source: Financial Express, 2020). So, if you are looking to jump on the bandwagon of online Poker to get the dose of the missing adrenaline rush, now is the time! With the vision to bring unique innovations to the Indian Online Poker through cutting-edge technology, Pocket52 provides a 360-degree poker experience from amazing poker tournaments to efficient customer support. Oh, if you happen to believe that Poker is a game for casinos, something that would interest you about online Poker is that it comes with a long list of features, such as ease of access, faster gameplay, little or no buy-in, real-time transactions and a plethora of promotions and high takeback. And it can be more adventurous than the stuff you have on your checklist. Online Poker is not just about winning money with luck, as you require logic, patience, discipline and even basic mathematics knowledge.

Online Poker is a guaranteed way to fire up those brain cells and has found out to help in augmenting your analytical and logical abilities. And with that kind of effort inputs, it brings along the vivid emotions such as nervousness, wittiness, anxiety or excitement. But you got to destress, and hold some patience, precisely in the same manner you planned to do it right before jumping off the aircraft to skydive. And there, right there, you would experience the similar serenity when you drag all that pot money to you – giving you a digital adventure of your own.

adventure during lockdown

Me being an adventure junkie, I cherish new terrains and challenges these outdoor activities give. But now that COVID-19 has made me stay all indoor, I strive to get the ‘kick’ that got me going. Until then, I played Pocket 52’s ‘Hercules’ Poker tournament. The thrill of winning the maximum from the 1 lac guaranteed prize pool gave me continuous goosebumps, a very similar feeling to what I felt while trekking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, etc. And you know what is more relatable? Features like buy-in and add on — it is like falling and slipping while trekking and yet rising again to reach the top. Indeed, Pocket52 thought it well while naming the tournament ‘Hercules’. With a plethora of other tournaments, Pocket52 has something to offer for everyone. Free and paid tournaments give guaranteed real money prizes worth crores, instant withdrawal and a fully secure Poker network – India’s biggest. Also, I did not have to worry about this platform getting banned as Pocket52 is a fully Indian home-grown Poker platform. Moreover, all that I earn is fully legal and white money!

I feel Pocket52 is an ultimate destination as it offers daily tournaments to its users, with guaranteed prize pools, table customizations, lightning-fast cash withdrawals. It gives an opportunity to:  

  • Play Anytime, Anywhere: Have a mobile phone with an internet connection? Game On! Jump into non-stop Poker action at Pocket52, anytime, anywhere right from your mobile, or any other device (we don’t discriminate). 
  • Prizes Bigger Than Pirate Treasure: Remember those treasure hunts? Relive that by playing against 2500+ players on Pocket52 and take the pot of gold home. Play daily tournaments on Pocket52 with massive guaranteed prize pools and win away!
  • The True RNG: The platform brings out the best Poker experience through its cryptographically secure Random Number Generator (RNG) platform, powered by Lava Lamps and certified by iTech Labs, Australia. The games are secure, the numbers are random, and the adventure is maximum on Pocket52.
  • Private Tables: Pocket52 introduces Private Tables, helping you and your friends enjoy the game, just as you would do together. 
  • Pocket Vault: The ultimate cashback program of Pocket52 is a unique feature. Get up to 80% cashback, and 10-30% TDS refund on your winnings. One can earn even if he doesn’t win. It auto-generates Poker coins when you play at Pocket52 and redeem them from the vault on the reward of your choice. Fancy a MacBook Pro or an Apple iPhone X? The vault grants your wishes for many such products that can be redeemed through your coins.

The post-COVID 19 life might not be the same as before, and real-world activities for adventure junkies might still take some time to be a possibility. Instead of looking back to those awesome memories and missing them or investing yourself in those mundane movies and cooking because clicking is must, try poker – the digital adventure and take home some real money. Head over to Pocket52 and get a chance to win from 3 crores worth of prizes with ‘Grand Poker Sprint’, Pocket52’s July tournament. Register Now!

— By Ankita Gupta, Pocket52 User Id – paintball_flamingo