Anmol, aka, sonnyronaldo, a 22-year-old professional poker player from Delhi, believes, go home or go big. Fast poker action gives him a kick to ship the tournament. Evidently, his legendary win at Pocket52’s weekly, action-packed, 5 Lac GTD tournament, The Bracelet, depicts the same.  As a winner of The Bracelet, scheduled every Sunday at 5:00PM, Anmol, not only won Rs. 1,02,500 but also grabbed Gold worth 50K.

pocket52 bracelet winner

Anmol says, “Few starting hands that I won aspired me to ship the tournament. The prime time, big money guaranteed, tournaments at Pocket52 like Pocket Aces, Pocket Kings, Gladiator are very attractive. I am really looking forward to improve my EV and make a place on the September’s leaderboards at Pocket52

Amol is a fanatic follower and player of football. He believes, poker is a game of strategy much like football. “If you have the ability to read the minds of your opponents and identify their strengths and weaknesses you are half-way to your victory”, quoted Anmol. Aggression is another thing that he thinks is required in both games for intimidating gameplay with opponents. To many, poker might look like a simple game of cards but it involves many complex moves, a well-defined game strategy, same as in football. Tottenham Hotspur is Anmol’s favourite football club and he wishes to watch them play live someday. 

Anmol started playing poker for fun during his college days with micro stakes like Rs. 50 and Rs. 100. His first poker winning was Rs. 750. Gradually, his interest in poker grew, and with the help of YouTube videos, some poker journals, and book he started improving his game. As the number of his poker winnings increased, Anmol decided to take a formal training under Mr. Alok Ranjan, a poker coach and professional player, Anmol looks up to. In one year of poker journey, his biggest win is Rs. 4,80,000. “Apart from the glory, another thing that always inspired me to play more poker is to win a lot so that I can travel a lot”, said Anmol. He aspires to travel and explore Europe, Iceland, and Norway.  

This was a super exciting journey of Anmol. Different players have different journeys and poker tactics. What is yours?