Pocket52 in an exclusive one on one with ‘siddhumoosewala’.

Pocket52 In conversation with ‘sidhhumoosewala’. Understanding his journey from amateur to pro. Parul: Please share your journey with poker. siddhumoosewala: Back in 2010, I began to play poker on Zynga Poker App. Those were my graduation days. Once I got a job I started to play real money poker in 2013. Finally, in 2017 I quit my job and became a poker professional. Parul: Which poker game type are you more fond of? siddhumoosewala: I mostly play Texas Hold’em.

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An interview with a brilliant poker player at IIM Kozhikode, Ms Shaifali

Pocket52 hosted a No Limit Holdem poker tournament for the management students of IIM Kozhikode. And we were honoured to interview the only female that was ITM (Into The Money). Ms Shaifali is a Management student at IIM Kozhikode and is a brilliant poker player. Let’s see what she had to say about the event and poker as a game in general. Debashish: So Shaifali what made you participate in the Pocket52 NLHE Tournament in your campus(IIM Kozhikode). Shaifali:

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A Paradigm Shift: The Social Image of The Game of Poker in IIM Kozhikode

Pocket52 conducted an online and offline tournament at Indian Institute of mangement IIM Kozhikode

Poker Ran Young Wild & Free on the grounds of IIM Kozhikode ‘Indian Institute of management’? The name gives a very geek like appearance. Like a place where a slew of India’s brightest minds are immersed in books and their Management Study research. But believe me, when I say, it is not true, the Kozhikode campus is not just about geeks. It’s a place for holistic development. IIM K had recently gained much attention in the media as one

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Poker Tells: The Most Powerful Weapon You Hold At The Poker Table

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. In the same spirit, let’s get you acquainted with some advanced poker learnings called ‘Poker Tells’ to help you enhance your poker skills. What are poker tells? In a game of poker, Psychology and game strategy work hand in hand. One can beat at poker without the understanding of psychology but one can’t beat at

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Chip Tricks: What You Need Other Than The Game to Make Your Live Poker Less Boring?

poker chip tricks pocket52

A game of poker could be long and tedious. If you are going to sit in a live poker action for the first time, I suggest you learn a few live table tricks to feel comfortable. Get hold of some poker chip tricks. Not just that, the impression it gives to your opponents is that you are not new to this. And believe me, it is very important in a game like a poker to not give away your status

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Poker Dictionary: Learn The Important Poker Words and Lingo

important poker words poker glossary

Equip yourself with the most important poker words. 1. What is ‘Action’ in Texas            Hold’em Poker? Is a term used in poker and other card games to signify a player’s chance to act his decision on the table. 2. What is the act of All-in poker? In poker when a player bets all of his money in the action it is called to go all-in. 3. When do you call a defeat a ‘Bad Beat”?

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Pocket52 is sponsoring ‘The Indian Poker Series’ TIPS 2019. Play the Pocket-TIPS and Win A Trip To Europe

Pocket tips with poket52. WIn a trip to europe

The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) 2019 A few months from now the famed poker series TIPS 2 is launching in Rozvodov, The Czech Republic, Europe. After making a stunning debut in 2018, The Indian Poker Series opened gates for the Indian professional poker players to step into the European Lands. Two Indian poker players Jaydeep Dawer and Manish Goenka perceived the Idea of The Indian Poker Series. During one of their trips to the Kings Casino, the duo realised

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Pocket52: The New Age Poker Platform.

Pocket52: The story of the first cry. I am sitting and writing this right where it all started. The Bangalore based startup Pocket52 was built in a back room. The technology of the first Indian cryptographically secure RNG was deciphered right here. We call it RNG+. For the first time, Lava Lamps were summoned to India not for lighting up the rooms but to build this technology. This became the backbone of Pocket52. When we’ve put nights and days

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