From Starting His Poker Career Out of The Blue to Winning Leaderboard Rewards Every Day, Ayush Prakash Discusses His Rise as The Undisputed Ace of Pocket52 Micro Stakes!

Talking Poker With Ayush Prakash – Interview With a Poker Player


Q. What does Poker mean to you?
I just love playing poker. It’s kind of a mental exercise for me. Be it morning, afternoon or evening, I play poker whenever can find some free time. It’s also a great source of income, if you are experienced and know your opponents and the game.

Q. Do you like playing poker online or offline and why?
Speaking honestly, I only play poker at Pocket52. And, of course, that’s online. 😉

Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. How did you start playing Poker?
It was just a promotional mail from Pocket52 to my friend in IIT Bombay. She told me about this and I registered at Pocket52. On the first day, I just knew the basics of the game which I learnt from YouTube. I ended up losing my entire signup bonus in an hour, but I didn’t lose hope. I then decided to go for the Half Century/Century rewards at Pocket52. For a while, it was quite a mixture of both good and bad but as time passed I started taking big blind bets and my game improved. Nowadays, my stats mostly show me in green (in profit).

Q. What is your favourite Poker moment?
I play more than 200 hands of poker almost daily at Pocket52 and of course, there are many hands among these which have proved to be fabulous. I mean, the joy of winning by a normal pair is far less than the joy of defeating someone with a stronger card combination. And, in the tournaments whenever I win a cash prize it feels really good.

Q. Your thoughts on League of Legends promotion?
League of Legends I & II is actually tremendous for every level of betters. The prizes and rewards are obviously diverse and every player can benefit from these. Kudos to your team for coming up with such a rewarding promotion. From my side, I generally concentrate mostly on LoL Tens leaderboard and thus play on 0.5/1 & 1/2 stakes. I wish the level of weekly coins to win weekly rewards was a bit lower as it will generate a more competitive environment among all the players as they all will try to reach the target seeing it in their reach.

Q. You have been winning almost daily free tickets by playing LOL & LOL II daily leaderboards. How does it feel to be winning every day?
It feels great and more stimulating to be a winner. The tickets are very useful for making some quick cash.

Q. How is it like to play on Pocket52? How has been your experience with the Pocket Vault?
Honestly speaking, I never thought making money would be this easy. It just requires you to be calm with a little bit of presence of mind in the game. It’s all about grabbing your chance and letting go of what’s not your rather than just fighting for unprofitable victories. As for now, I am a student and, believe me, I am making a reasonable amount of money with Pocket52 on a daily basis. Thanks for providing such a nice platform with such a smooth & user-friendly interface. About Pocket Vault, it’s really a great idea and the awards, be it cash or prizes, are amazing. I have redeemed from the Pocket Vault many times for cash and look forward to doing it again.

Talking Poker With Ayush Prakash

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