Pocket52 Poker Tournaments: Your Bankroll Builder is Finally Here! Its Elegant Design, Intuitive UX, Optimised Interface, Rewarding MTTs structure & Tamper-proof Gaming Experience will WOW You!

TOURNAMENTS ARE HERE – Bankroll Builder Series

Bankroll Builder Series: What Makes Pocket52 Tournaments Worth The Wait

Pocket52 loves building things from scratch. And, now you can build your bankroll from scratch playing Pocket52 Tournaments. Play low buy-in or freeroll online tournaments and earn real money playing free real money poker games!

Satisfaction Guaranteed, only @ Pocket52 – India’s first Cryptographically secure Online Poker RNG+ platform.

Ensuring Fair Play, Always.

Bankroll Builder Series: What Makes Pocket52 Tournaments Worth The Wait

You’d, of course, ask, “What’s the big deal, every poker platform in India has Online Poker Tournaments every day?

Well, this question precisely reasons out our platform and MTTs. We have, very patiently and with a lot of effort, perfected our RNG+ Platform to make sure that the experience of playing poker tournaments at Pocket52 is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before!

  • Intuitive UX for Best Experience
  • Best-in-class MTTs Structure
  • Robust Tournament Engine Supporting 5K Players
  • Better Rewards & Prizes for Winners
  • Guaranteed Tamper-proof Gaming with RNG+
  • Invite Friends with Shareable Link (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Bankroll Builder Series: What Makes Pocket52 Tournaments Worth The Wait

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All this and more!!!

The Best in The Business: Pocket52 Tournaments
Your Daily Bankroll Builder

Players have been asking for MTTs at Pocket52 since our inception. But, rather than giving you something unsatisfactory, we chose to patiently build and perfect our tournaments to give you the best experience along with greater rewards & better security.

Our Intuitive Tournament Lobby has been crafted with an elegant touch of simplicity, detailing the spread in an aesthetic way to ensure a hassle-free, organised & tamper-proof gaming experience for you!

Also, the tournament platforms have gone through rigorous load testing to ensure an experience you will rarely find anywhere else. Our MTTs platform can support upto 5K players at any given time comfortably as each tournament thread runs separately.

Play Pocket52 Tournaments With Your Friends
Bankroll Builder Series: What Makes Pocket52 Tournaments Worth The Wait

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Yes, you can now play tournaments on Pocket52 with your friends! Send them an invite to join the tournament using a shareable link through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. It’s a novel innovation from Pocket52 which is a first-of-its-kind in the Online Poker space and is the only online poker in India to offer this unique addition for our players!

The Bankroll Builder Series is for you to play Freeroll Tournaments and slowly build your reputation as a serious poker player. Pocket52 offers its players the option to choose from No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha MTTs which will run around the clock to satisfy every appetite. Bon Appétit!

Have questions on Bankroll Builder Series? Read Tournament FAQs

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