Making a Living by Clicking Buttons: Winner of Poker Sports League Qualifiers & 4th Runner-up at 2018 WPT in GOA, Bharat Bhushan Speaks About How Poker Has Changed His Life Once & For All

Talking Poker With Bharat Bhushan – Interview With a Poker Player

Talking Poker With Bharat Bhushan


Q. What does Poker mean to you?
For me, poker is like meditating right in the middle of chaos – the adrenaline rush flowing through your body during every hand, on each street and yet, you need to remain calm enough to make the best decision at that moment without getting affected by your surroundings or the nuisances that come with it. Poker, in my sense, makes you a better human being; and if you are a better human being then you automatically make the best poker player.
What else can I say about poker… I am lucky enough to make my living by just clicking buttons. 😉

Q. Do you like playing poker online or offline and why?
Well, I love playing online poker as much as I love offline poker. If you want to play poker every day, online poker is the best option. But, offline poker is a different ballgame altogether!

Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. How did you start playing Poker?
I started playing around two and a half years ago, starting off as a recreational player playing small stakes like 2/4. Initially, I lost a lot of money, but then I got introduced to a friend through one of the poker games. He taught me the real theory of poker, teaching me all the math and logic that goes into each hand. Today, I feel lucky to have had learnt the different strategies and techniques before diving all-in into the world of poker. I feel more confident while sitting at the tables as I am continuously upgrading my skills every day with disciplined study and well-regulated bankroll management.

Q. What is your favourite Poker moment?
The moment was when I won the PSL qualifiers (where I met that friend of mine who put me in touch with the study of poker) and second is when I ranked 5th in 2018 WPT GOA (kick-off).

Q. What is your long term planning with Poker?
I have been investing in the stock market for a long time. But, now, I have focused my sights from day trading to long-term investing and have also started playing poker professionally. In the long run, I would love to keep playing poker and promote the game of skill.

Q. What are your thoughts on WSOP?
It’s a dream for every poker player to play and win at the World Series of Poker. As for me, until I attend one of these events, let me reserve this fantasy to myself 😛

Q. Any advice for youngsters starting their Poker journey?
Always play within your bankroll. Most importantly, even if you are playing for fun, be sure to do your research on the subject. And, if you are planning to choose a career in poker, make sure you keep the game as a part of your life, don’t make it your whole life. Get involved in other activities, socialize, learn to play some music, pursue your hobbies etc. – do other stuff. You have all the freedom in the world you could ever dream of; you decide what you want to make out of your life.
Take the lead, play responsibly.

Q. How do you see the future of Online Real Money Poker Industry?
The online poker industry is growing in leaps and bounds every day; there is a surge of new players every second. Only thing is, the fight between good technology and bad technology and, who wins, will decide the future of online poker.

Q. How has been your experience with the Pocket Vault?
The rakeback program from Pocket52 is one of the best in the Indian poker industry that I have ever seen.
Cheers to you guys!

Talking Poker With Bharat Bhushan

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