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Updated: December 18, 2023

Is Bumhunting Crippling Online Poker Cash Games?

In the world of online poker, there are multiple tactics and strategies that a player must be aware of if they intend to be successful. Some players use these smartly and fairly to gain an edge over the competition, and then some just ruin it for everyone else. And there is one specific tactic that is utilized by notorious but experienced players to prey on the weak, Bumhunting.

It is essentially an unethical and extremely annoying practice wherein advanced poker players sit at moderately priced tables in an effort to prey upon less experienced players. Bumhunting is a term that for the most part refers to the process of opening heads-up cash tables for players seeking out weaker players but refusing to play against players they don’t feel they have an edge over. We must keep in mind another tactic that players use, which is called Table Selection. This is more of a tool than a tactic per se, which allows players to choose the tables that are statistically most comfortable for them. When selecting, several parameters are taken into account, such as the number of players, field strength, average stacks, etc. Based on these characteristics, the player chooses the most suitable cash tables, at which, in his/her opinion, they will receive the maximum profit.

At a cursory glance, these two techniques may seem very similar. But there is a significant difference where morality is concerned, between these two. By using table selection tools, the player can opt to play against regular or advanced players if there are also amateur poker players at the table. But bumhunters have a very particular requirement when it comes to choosing their preferred choice of tables. They unequivocally will avoid games with advanced players, willing to only play against weaker opponents.

Table selection and especially bumhunting are certainly not beneficial for poker rooms. The regulars scare away the newbies in the former and the regulars prey on the newbies to exploit them, in the latter. Therefore, many poker sites have gone to drastic measures and they are gradually making it more and more difficult to use table selection and bumhunting.

Likewise, Pocket52 has put in a robust system to curb bumhunting. With the all-new ‘Room View’ feature, players get a bird’s eye view of the different rooms and they are auto seeded to a random table based on their table preference. Here, rooms are distinguished from each other based on blinds, buy-in amount range, game variants, max seat, number of players, and RIT. The following new features of ‘Room View’ not just saves players’ time but also puts an end to bumhunting:

  • Table observation is not allowed, players can’t read your game and make notes on your gameplay.
  • Reduces idle tables where nobody is playing. So now you can play at your favorite table without wasting time.
  • Cuts down on fraudsters who attempt collusion and chip dumping on the platform.
  • Ensures cash tables don’t run short-handed making the game more interesting and entertaining.
  • Higher priority is given to a table where the players are fewer. Therefore, the room view makes sure table balancing is maintained every time.
  • Last but not least, the room view feature helps Poker ecology by protecting casual and amateur players.

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