Zynga Stakes vs. Real Money Poker – What Do You Play?

Zynga Stakes With Real Money

Zynga Stakes vs. Real Money Poker Since real money online poker is currently not regulated in many countries, more and more former real money players are experimenting with Zynga Poker – The Biggest Play Money Site in The World. A common question amongst these new Zynga players is how good is the average Zynga Player? Is it actually a good practice for real money poker games down the road to grind Zynga Poker. To answer that question we should

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Chip Tricks: What You Need Other Than The Game to Make Your Live Poker Less Boring?

poker chip tricks pocket52

What do the chips in poker mean? A game of poker could be long and tedious. If you are going to sit in a live poker action for the first time, I suggest you learn a few live table tricks to feel comfortable. Get hold of some poker chip tricks. Not just that, the impression it gives to your opponents is that you are not new to this. And believe me, it is very important while play poker game

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The Practical Theory Of Poker Tournaments

Understanding Poker Tournaments. Let’s get to understanding the poker tournament format of sporting poker. They are usually the favorite of the players who are improving their game or are in their growth patch. However the basics remain the same, the format differs much. In a tournament fondly called ‘Tourneys’, there could be as many as 2 players on a single table, too many hundreds of participants playing on multiple tables. The winner of the tourney is the person who

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Poker and People Psychology: Understanding The Game Essentials


Poker Psychology more rightly poker and people psychology… Are essentially next to the rules of the game itself. Prima facia poker seems to be a game of cards, and merely on the surface, it is. However, one is not required to dive deeper to realize, that poker is not just a game of cards, it is a game of people and their behavior. Behavior that results from the situations that shape upon the table during a grind. Let’s see… so the player

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How the city of Vegas found its hero : Poker made it to WSOP

Found in the year 1905, Las Vegas began fulfilling the ‘Wants’ of the fancy population of the city. Poker shaped into a global occurrence. World Series of Poker (WSOP) was designed. People would even gamble their lives on the line to keep up with the chauvinistic lifestyle of the Sin-City.   During the era: BLACKJACK, CRAPS, ROULETTE, BACCARAT & Chinese Dominoes / PAI GOW TILES were the crown-jewels of the City. It was in the 1960s. The Sin City was

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But where did POKER come from: Was it invented? Discovered? Stolen? : Poker Evolution

Evolution of poker and its origin

Poker Evolution The answer is, Poker gradually evolved. The Evolution of Poker goes way back in time. Poker Evolution is traced back to many cultures and lands. It evolved from a very rudimentary form to a major phenomenon it has become today. The early citations of poker date further back from 969 AD China. Poker Evolution… it travelled three continents before it reached the United States of America …From China to Europe via Persia, India & Egypt and finally America. But when

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