The Great Vault Digger Contest – Get Your Shovels Ready and Dig Your Fortune!!

Great Vault Digger Contest

When you play The Great Vault Digger Contest, everyone’s a winner! Grind on your favourite cash tables, dig the vault and win rewards worth Lacs. Playing Poker has never been more rewarding! Do you love playing Poker? Do you have what it takes to dig the Pocket Vault and claim the rewards waiting for you? Then, start playing and become the- The Great Vault Digger Begins – 18th April 2019! The Great Vault Digger is a one-of-a-kind coin sprint

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Zynga Stakes vs. Real Money Poker – What Do You Play?

Zynga Stakes With Real Money

Zynga Stakes vs. Real Money Poker Since real money online poker is currently not regulated in many countries, more and more former real money players are experimenting with Zynga Poker – The Biggest Play Money Site in The World. A common question amongst these new Zynga players is how good is the average Zynga Player? Is it actually a good practice for real money poker games down the road to grind Zynga Poker. To answer that question we should

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Learn Poker Playing Style In 300 Seconds

Poker Playing Style Learn The Basic Overview In Less Than 300 Seconds Poker Playing Style is one of the cool things about poker, we all play the game slightly differently. You could say we each have our own signature style.  In fact most of your profit and poker comes from identifying what style your opponent is playing, while at the same time preventing him from identifying the style that you play. When you’re seated at a 9 max table

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Poker Hand Ranking – Stay Fresh For A House Full Of Sharks

Online poker hand ranking

Stay Fresh For A House Full Of Sharks – The Ultimate Poker Hand Ranking Mnemonic So how do you remember the poker hand ranking? If you have to ask? the other players at the table, whether a Full-House beats a Flush in the middle of a poker hand, you’re actually giving away too much information about the strength of your poker hand. Never do that again! with this simple mnemonic device (it’s a memory technique to help your brain better encode

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The Online Poker Innovation: The Evolution Of Random Number Generation RNG Technology

Why is Everyone Talking About RNG aka RNG+? When I started playing real money poker online, I was nervous. Of course, my money was at stake. My heart skipped a beat when I was about to finalise my first deposit. How Does The Playing Card Distribution Work in Online Poker? If Its Online Poker, Will I Get My Money Back? Is Their Random Number Generation (RNG) Technology Equipped To Handle Any Kind of Infiltration? How did RNG+ Make An

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Online Poker Sledging —Playful Banter or Mean-Spirited Insults? (Read 1)

Poker Sledging

Read 1: Poker Sledging : Followed by more up-coming series of posts, towards the love for the game we call “Poker” Poker Sledging .. Have You Ever Been Abused? So let’s start by introspecting our inner self if we have been sledged or abused in Poker whether the online or the offline way? In Cricket, it’s known as “Sledging”; in Basketball, it’s Trash Talk; in Ice-Hockey; “Chirping” & in Poker it’s known as ‘Red Rage Bodytalk’. ‘Besides that’ whatever you prefer to

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How Pockets Ensured win for Nikita Luther @ WSOP

Nikita Luther With Bracelet WSOP Tag Team 2018 NL Texas Hold'em

How was Nikita Luther amazingly awesome @ WSOP 2018 Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em? Nikita Luther is the first Indian woman who made into the Poker Hall of Fame, on 29th June 2018. As Per WSOP Site: It took exactly 219 hands & 3 days on the official final table of $1K Tag Team No-Limit Hold’em for Nikita Luther & Giuseppe Pantaleoon to crack the final table and clinch the victory. Nikita Luther is arguably the 2nd Indian and only Indian

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