How did Doyle Brunson a.k.a ‘Texas dolly’ unleash Poker?

Doyle Brunson : Texas Dolly

In the story of the evolution of Poker, there have been historical upliftments of the game at every important juncture.  Here is How Doyle Brunson a.k.a ‘Texas Dolly’ is involved in the evolution of the ‘Game of Poker’. It is easy to understand the nature of something or in this case someone, once we know their origins, where they come from. We are (with a lot of excitement) talking about The poker legend Doyle Brunson aka ‘Texas Dolly’ A

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A Brief History of Poker

Evolution of poker and its origin

History of Poker The History of Poker without doubt very indulging. From the war fields to the courts of the kings and queens of England, it has earned much of its present-day reputation.  After taking birth in various forms, the early variants of the game advanced through China, Persia, France, Germany, Spain and finally to America – New Orleans. After wheeling through continents, it came to be the present day Poker. What happened to the game of Poker in the 18th Century? In the 18th

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Betting & Poker Taxonomy : Advanced Lingos

Betting & Poker Taxonomy

After Reading this 2nd Edition of Betting & Poker Taxonomy Blog Post your friends will envy your new skills & success! In order to save your valuable time, we have collected and curated advanced betting & poker taxonomy only the best poker know-how, tips & lingos from multiple resources and people who have been playing the game of Poker for ages. Total Hands Dealt: Which means the Total number of Hands played by you. Flop Seen: The number of times you reached the

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Online Poker Sledging —Playful Banter or Mean-Spirited Insults? (Read 2)

Online Poker Sledging

Read 2: Online Poker Sledging: Followed by Final Read 3 In case if you have missed Online Poker Sledging ! Do you want to create a persona for yourself’ ? Does it sound too tempting to miss out on? If so, why? ls, your logical brain in gear during this decision or your emotional one? Do you see the chance to bluff like this as being logically advantageous·? Or does it just sound like a fun idea? Try it and

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What is this Man doing for past 9 years on Texas Holdem Poker?


Did you hear about the man, who has been secretly betting on online texas holdem poker? This man, who has been secretly betting on online Texas Holdem Poker for the past 9 years? At first, he just played for fun. And then it took upon him as the music takes upon a musician. As soon his salary increased, so did his stakes, be it just a minimal increment. And so he ended up owing people serious debts and was

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Poker Playing Positions & Tactics

Followed by the previous blog: Betting & Poker Taxonomy: Game Rules & Playing Tactics Here are the terms and definitions frequently used in poker generally. If you are playing No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker, you would be sited in either “9” or “6” maximum tables of your choice, in due course of time you shall also experience 7 Max & 8 Max Tables on the go. 9 Max & 6 Max TableThe following terms mean a certain position that you hold

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What Will Your Poker Opponents Be Like?

If you have read about facial-expressions “Poker Psychology for Faces” in the previous blog-post, in this blog post stress-related behavior on What Will Your Poker Opponents Be Like?  is one of the most common reads to help you during a game of poker offline and majorly online. What Will Your Poker Opponents Be Like? While playing a game of poker there are many ways to classify, as you try to build a persona on your opponents. The easiest way

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Betting & Poker Taxonomy : Game Rules & Playing Tactics

Betting & Poker Taxonomy We would strongly suggest you go through the previous blog post of  Series: What’s In Your Pocket “Poker Psychology for Faces” & “What Will Your Poker Opponents Be Like?” before checking out this post on Poker Betting Basics and Poker Taxonomy of game rules and what basic playing tactics to choose Assuming that you have read the previous two blog post as Without betting, poker would just be a game of chance and the best

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What’s In Your Pocket : Poker Psychology for Faces

Nearly 100 years before Charles Darwin argued that we can detect someone’s emotional state by looking at his/her face. Pocket52 – An Online Poker Platform which is born with the concept of  “Pure Poker Experience for True Grinders” is embracing a new concept of  “What’s In Your Pocket” via “Poker Psychology for Faces.” Excerpt: Whether Online or Offline version of poker, we all have to understand that playing a hand generates organic expressions, & tapping an expression & amplifying “reads” require

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