Evolution of poker and its origin

The Journey of the game of poker across the word

History of Poker

The History of Poker without doubt very indulging. From the war fields to the courts of the kings and queens of England, it has earned much of its present-day reputation.  After taking birth in various forms, the early variants of the game advanced through China, Persia, France, Germany, Spain and finally to America – New Orleans. After wheeling through continents, it came to be the present day Poker.

What happened to the game of Poker in the 18th Century?

History of Poker In The 18th Century

History of Poker In The 18th Century

In the 18th century, poker became a 52 card deck game and travelled in America on the riverboats transporting goods originating from the Mississippi River. The crews travelled the great American waters with their love for poker. Which further spread the game among the soldiers of the civil war throughout the north and south.

In 1871 her Highness, Queen Victoria herself arrayed inclination towards learning the Poker. She was inspired by the U.S Minister who had brought the game alive in her court. Way later during world war I, the American soldiers influenced the Europeans largely to include poker in their gaming portfolio.

Variants of Poker have caught attention amongst the players, Seven card stud, Five card draw, razz, Omaha and particularly Texas hold’em.

The rise of poker to its present-day glory

It’s pokers unsavoury past, that is a major reason the game has exploded into a phenomenon today. A big part of poker’s popularity has to do with the cachet of playing a game that tough guys and killers and sheriffs used to play. We still enjoy the fact that those kinds of characters ‘the Mississippi riverboat gamblers’ and the ‘Western gunslingers’ played the game that we are now playing. It certainly adds to the sexiness of the action.

It will not matter if you’re a 5-foot 2-inch woman or a 90-year-old person, you move the chips back and forth with one level of skill.  You can start out a three-dollar player if you’re good enough. once you have a bankroll you can move up to be a $6 player a $12 player and if you’re the best player you will rise to the top. No politics no captain, absolutely nothing’s gonna stop you. It’s a pretty easy game to learn with its basic principles

That is a brief about the ‘why’ ‘when’ ‘where’ and ‘how’ poker rose to its present-day glory!