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Updated: August 9, 2023

The famous Poker Scams That You Should Know

It does not take any less to cheat in a game of cards. One must use all their might to get past people, anxiety, calculations, and risk.

Poker ‘Scams’ is an interesting shade of the poker world. We’ve all come across friends who’ve taken us for a ride in a casual game of cards. But when real money is at stake the gravity of the outcome is on another scale. Similar is the state in the game of Poker.

How do people manage to cheat at a game of Poker?

Poker is believed to be a ‘thinking man’s game’. One must know the game to cheat the game. And no wonder there have been major attempts at cheating, they have made it to the top page in the book of scandals and poker scams.

Here is one very famous poker scandal recorded in the history of Poker.

A band of four players with sick goals hit the clubhouse of Cannes in 2011. They resolved to pull a standout amongst the smartest tricks in gambling club history. They figured out how to leave with $84,000 through purposeful exertion, covering, and imaginative defrauding.  It may have worked for them.

The gathering, made up of an Italian and three Frenchmen, discretely checked cards while playing stud poker. They utilized imperceptible ink to draw images on cards compared to their value. The Italian player came back to the club wearing exceptional contact lenses. It was intended to make the ink noticeable while they played, designed to make the ink visible while they played.

The ruse went generally undetected amid their first con and they made big money. They eventually got caught in their subsequent attempt to fraud. The winning pattern caught the casino’s eye.

There have been many other types of poker scams, like Poker Card Swapping, and angle shooting which we can certainly take about later…

So it seems one can only try to dodge, but they’ve never been a perfect scandal.

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