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Whether you’re playing cash games or tournaments, the rules of Rummy remain the same: all your cards need to be arranged into valid sequences (3 or more cards of consecutive rank from the same suit) or sets (3 or more cards of the same rank but from different suits) depending on the game variant being played.

However, online rummy tournaments are multiplayer, multi-table card games where players are eliminated until there is only one player left who is crowned the winner of the tournament. Online rummy tournaments have a prizepool that is determined by the number of participants who register for a particular tournament.

The main difference between rummy cash games & rummy tournaments is that rummy cash games are generally one-off matches where a player joins a table, plays the game and wins if he/she is able to arrange their cards into a valid show before everyone else. But, rummy tournaments are multiplayer, multi-table card games where several tables are running simultaneously and each table has to finish a fixed number of deals until there is only one table left.

Also, in cash games, players will generally always have to pay an entry fee to sit at the tables. But there are online rummy tournaments where players can join certain tournaments for free (see Freeroll Tournaments).

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Rummy Cash Tournaments

To play online rummy cash tournaments, players need to pay an entry fee (buy-in varies from one tournament to another). As with all tournaments, the higher the buy-in, the larger will be the prizes. Play unlimited rummy cash tournaments at Pocket52 with buy-in starting at just ₹10!


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