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Call Break is a trick-taking card game between four players who compete against each other & bid for points. When all the four players play one card each, a ‘trick’ is said to be in play. The objective of the game is to bid and win more tricks than your opponent. It is a strategy game that requires tricks, card tracking, coordination, and strategic bidding. Like other spade card games, a spade card always trumps all other cards in a game of Call Break.

The origin of Call Break can be traced back to ancient times. Depending on where it is being played, call break is also known as Lakdi, Lakadi, Call Bridge, and Spades. Each version of the game is slightly different from the other. There are subtle changes in rules depending on where it is being played, but the core idea of the game remains the same across all versions.

Call Break is an ultimate skill-based card game, easily the greatest source of enjoyment that four people can play at Pocket52. Call Break is a sport that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Just like every sport, POCKET52 Call Break adds enormous benefits to its players.

How is Call Break Played?

Each game of Call Break consists of 4 rounds. In each round, 13 cards are dealt to each player, who then bid on the number of tricks that they think they can win from the round based on the cards they have been dealt. The players then play out the round trying to win the maximum number of tricks that they can. Every player is awarded points at the end of each round based on the number of tricks they were able to make. At the end of the 4th round, the player with the maximum points wins. 

Players have to play the card according to the suit being played during the current hand. In case they do not have a card belonging to the suit that is being played, then a trump card can be played.

For example, the player next to the dealer plays an Ace of Hearts. Then every player will have to play a card from the same suit unless they don’t have any. In that case, they can choose to play the trump. Since Ace is the card with the highest value across all suits, the player will win the hand unless someone has to use a trump card.

You must play a higher value card if you have one than the cards that have already been played during the hand. It is compulsory to do so, and if you do not have any higher value cards, you can play any card you want to.

How Bidding Takes Place in Call Break?

After the 13 cards are dealt, based on the highest cards, the players have to decide as to how many tricks can he make out of the 13 tricks available. The number of tricks they bid decides the number of points they will receive at the end of the round. 

What if a player achieves more than he bids?

If a player achieves more tricks than his bidding numbers, he gains additional points based on his bid. For example: If a player bids 2 tricks, but manages to achieve 4, his points will be calculated as 2.2.

What if a player falls short of his bidding number?

If a player falls short of his bidding numbers, he loses points based on his bid. For example: If a player bids 3 tricks, but manages to achieve only 2, his points will be calculated as -3.

How is the overall scoring done?

Scoring is based on the number of bids placed by a player. Let’s assume, a player bids 4, then 3 scenarios can happen. 

  1. If the player successfully makes 4 tricks – The player is awarded 4 points at the end of the round
  2. If the player makes less than 4 tricks – The player is awarded -4 points at the end of the round
  3. If the player makes more than 4 tricks – The player is awarded 4+ (0.1 points for each extra trick). So here the player makes 4.2 points at the end of the round

What is the minimum amount with which I can play Call Break on Pocket52?

At Pocket52, a player can start playing on cash tables as low as ₹1 and climb up the ladder as he/she gathers the required skill. In addition, a player can also enhance their Call Break skills by practicing the game on Pocket52 without investing a single rupee.

Winning Strategies For Call Break

Whether you are playing Call Break online or offline, the rules remain the same. So, you can follow some tricks to maximize your score.

  1. It is crucial that you take a calculated risk when it comes to bidding. There is no use bidding a number you cannot achieve. If you play safe, you will have a positive score, and that is better than taking a higher risk and ending up with a negative score. 
  2. Keep in mind that your bid decides your score. So, it is vital that you make a bid that you can achieve. Remember that any trick can get trumped at any point, so you need to be careful and follow the game. 
  3. Treat your trump cards as your lifeline. Use them wisely, and you can get away with a lot. But, if you don’t use them well, they will end up as a complete waste.
  4. If you have a steady hand, you can dictate how the round is going to be played. The various combinations and chances make the game more interesting.

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