Poker Ran Young Wild & Free on the grounds of IIM Kozhikode

‘Indian Institute of management’? The name gives a very geek like appearance. Like a place where a slew of India’s brightest minds are immersed in books and their Management Study research. But believe me, when I say, it is not true, the Kozhikode campus is not just about geeks. It’s a place for holistic development.

IIM K had recently gained much attention in the media as one of their professors turned their classroom desks into poker tables by introducing poker into their curriculum.

Professor Deepak Dhayanithy introduced a course on poker. ‘Game of Poker: Competitive strategy’ in 2014-15. The course was designed for the second-year management students to learn risk management skills and to develop leadership.

Professor Dhayanithy Playing Poker at the IIMK pocket52

Professor Dhayanithy In Blue 

Professor was recently spotted playing Poker at the Pocket52 Texas Hold’em Tournament at IIM Kozhikode.

Texas Hold’em Tournament in IIM Kozhikode

Pocket52 conducted a very interesting event at IIM Kozhikode Echoes 2019. A live Texas Hold’em poker tournament. There was an intriguing burst of interest in poker gaming by the students at IIM Kozhikode. Courtesy Professor Dhayanithy. Not only the students but the professors were plunged. To our pride, the women gave others great competition. The event was a fairyland spot for the poker players.

The tournament attracted 130 people in the pre-final phase. 52 players made it to the final round. In the finals five 9-max tables, one 7-max table and 3 wild card entry tables were hosted.
The most fascinating time of the tournament was the final table of 8 max where Abhigya Sagar played as a guest. The tournament was split into two parts offline and online. The final table was held online on and orchestrated live for the tournament audience. It was quite a site.

Final table at the NLHE IIM Kozhikode

A page out of an experts book

Abhigya Sagar is one of India’s best PLO poker players. The students had much to learn from him. He engaged in a one on one with the students and imparted much of his expertise and experience with them. It is never a bad idea to tear a page right out of the expert’s book.

WInners of the NLHE tournament at IIM Kozhikode with Pocket52

The #youngwildfree

The winner of the tournament was user ‘Theory11’ who won Rs 10,000 prize money. Ms Shefali made it to the final table was the only female player with us who was ITM. With much pride and happiness, pocket52 realises the rewiring process, the Indian culture has gone through.  Players Theory11, Maveric21, Rohan814, shaifalib21, FlushDraw, balag21, BonusBlack and Aks9 held the 8 ITM positions.

The Event was very engrossing and it crucially substantiated a paradigm shift around poker in India. I hope the culture imbibes the game of poker for its demand for skill from the players.