Put on your best hand forward as Pocket52, India’s No. 1 Online Poker & Rummy Network, is hosting India’s biggest rummy league – Lakh Takia of Rummy Leaderboard boasting a  massive prize pool of Rs 1 Lac GTD. The 7-day series kicks off on 26th June 2021 until 2nd July 2021. Beat the heat by staying indoors as exciting offers and lucrative rewards are the guaranteed part of our deal!

What is a Leaderboard in Rummy Games?

Leaderboards are used to distinguish yourself facing other rummy professionals who play rummy – Pool Rummy, Points Rummy, and Deals Rummy – on comparable cash tables (For eg: ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹40) during a specified timeline and provide rewards to the topmost finishers from the individual leaderboard.

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How do you Opt-In For the 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard?

You can easily opt-in for 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard for FREE. All you have to do is sign-up/log on to Pocket52.com; make your first deposit using code LFG to enjoy 220% BONUS upto ₹11,000 and start playing for the daily leaderboards. You stand a chance to win from a prizepool of  Rs 1 Lac.

Besides, you can continue to get an assured bankroll boost with every deposit at Pocket52 with Coupon Code EXTRA30 that offers a 30% Extra Bonus on every deposit.

How to Rank High on the 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard?

Play on Pocket52’s Rummy cash tables and 10 players battle it out to top the leaderboard. Grind on high-value cash tables daily to grab the maximum share of the prize pool. Keep a constant check on your ranking, as then; you will get a fair idea of how much you need to push yourself to win a bigger share of the prize pool. Also, do not leave your pals behind! Refer them under the ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme and enjoy upto ₹5200 cash rewards each.























For example: Total Leaderboard points accumulated by top 10 players is 4000. Each player’s prize pool will be calculated as per their contribution to the total leaderboard points. In this example, Rank 1 has contributed 1000 LB points to the total of 4000 LB points with the contribution percentage of 25%, hence his winnings will be 25% of the total prizepool (In this case, 25% of 1 Lac would be ₹25,000).

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Which Rummy Variant Qualifies For 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard?

The 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard is going to be available across all 3 Rummy variants – Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy & Points Rummy. Choose from your favourite cash table and start building your points to stay atop the 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard and earn rewards in the form of real cash. 

The 1 Lac GTD Lakh Takia Rummy Leaderboard will surely challenge your skills and offer non-stop fun and big winnings. So, get ready for some smashing action on Pocket52 Rummy tables and bask in the glory of success by staying on top of your game.

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