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On His Way to the Top – Anurag Sharma

Meet Anurag Sharma – a salaried professional who is a fan of Poker and has been playing poker for many years now. Speaking with Pocket52, the modest and ever-humble Mr. Sharma discusses his initial struggles with the sport, how he lost all his winnings in a string of bad luck and how reading books on Poker helped him win his money back twice over!

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Q. Tell us about your Poker journey:
I started playing Poker in January 2018, playing 5-10 NLHE tables with a bankroll of 10K. In very little time, I switched to the more action-packed PLO tables, but I found them harder to win at. It was then that I started reading about PLO, and within two months I had moved to 25-50 stakes. Unfortunately, a continued spell of bad luck took away all my winnings which forced me to move back to the 10-20 tables. But, I refused to be beaten and researched more about the game, read Jeff Hwang’s book, Big Play Strategy, and gradually built my bankroll back. Today, I comfortably play 50/100 stakes.

Q. What are your thoughts about the WSOP 2019 Sprint?
Since I generally don’t play tourneys, I don’t think I would be the most qualified person to comment on the WSOP 2019 Sprint. But, all the best to the guys who are aiming for it!

Q. Any advice for youngsters starting their Poker journey?
AVOID GAMBLING AT THE TABLES! Poker is a game of skill, master it.

Q. What is your favorite Poker moment?
I recently outplayed a guy who I was scared to play against. It’s my best-loved Poker moment.

Q. How did you start playing Poker?
I was a recreational poker player during my college days. Then, one day, one of my friends who owned an Online Poker website, introduced me to the sport. The rest is history…

Q. At what point did you become a winning player and what process aided that development? Someone once said, “Your greatest success will only come after you’ve tasted your worst failure.” As I mentioned before, losing all my winnings made me pay more attention to the details of the game. Reading and researching Poker strategies and techniques helped me win my money back and make more than I could have previously hoped for.

Q. What kind of effect do you think the online gaming boom has had on the integrity of the game?
Over a period of time, players who play well will end up winning. So, I don’t think the online thing hurts the integrity of the game.

Q. If you weren’t a pro poker player, what would you be doing?
I will refrain from answering the “pro poker player” question as I am not a full-time player.

Q. What is it like to play on Pocket52? How has been your experience with Pocket Vault?
Pocket52 provides the best RNG (random number generator) in the Indian Online Poker scene. Yaha RNG ka Matlab RNG hi hai. So, hats off for that! Also, the Pocket Vault is quite alluring. That, combined with other promos that you do – the 100% Rakeback, etc., gives the players to win so much more than just their money back!

Q. How do You compare Pocket Vault to other Poker reward programs available?
Poker Vault is highly rewarding. At Pocket52, you get 1 Pocket Coin for every INR 8/- of rake you generate, including GST. Whereas, on other sites. you are paying almost INR 12/- including GST for 1 loyalty point. That’s a huge difference!

Q. Poker Learning – What is Your perspective and what are your expectations? As much as people would like to call it gambling or a game of chance, Poker is, ultimately, a game of skill. Continuous learning is essential as the game is ever-evolving and ever-expanding. I expect other Poker sites will also provide learning inspired by Pocket52.

Q. How do you respond to the word Poker? How does it make you feel? Poker – a game of skill. And, this makes me feel unique. People around me are thrilled when I tell them that I won money playing Poker!

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