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Talking Poker With Kunal Ghosh

From Starting His Journey Playing Micro Stakes to Comfortably Winning at Mid Stakes, Kunal Ghosh Speaks About What It’s Like to Play The Game of Skill!

Talking Poker With Kunal Ghosh

Q. What does Poker mean to you?
I am an avid gamer, mainly into online and console games. So, I have played a multitude of games in all categories. However, I enjoyed playing Zynga poker on Facebook. Back in 2017, I came across poker ads and that’s when I started playing real money Poker.

Q. How did you start playing poker at Pocket52?
Thanks to the Facebook group IPPA (India Poker Players’ Association) I came to know about the Pocket52 platform. Back then I used to play 2/4 – 5/10 stakes, but after some harsh sessions, I focused on playing micro-stakes at Pocket52 to understand the fundamentals of poker.

Q. You started your journey at Pocket52 by playing micro stakes and now you comfortably play at 25/50 tables. What aided in that development and how has Pocket52 helped you get there?
The biggest push came from the monthly leaderboards for Half Century & Century campaigns for micro-stakes which meant I was earning ₹150+ every day regardless of the outcome of the game. Also, the bankroll builder campaign for up to 5/10 stakes gave me the confidence to play higher stakes. These promotion campaigns were very good for building my poker skills; and were well structured too, I thoroughly enjoyed playing them. Also, from time to time Pocket52 offered loads of bonuses on deposits – that surely helped a lot!

Q. What is your favorite Poker moment at Pocket52?
Winning Pot Of Gold, no matter what amount is in the POG… when you win one, believe me, it’s the best feeling you can get on cash tables! 😉

Q. What is the biggest pot that you have won at Pocket52?
It was for ₹8K approx. on Five-Card PLO table. If my memory serves me right, I flopped an Ace-high flush and my opponent had two pairs.

Q. Do you like playing poker online or offline and why?
I prefer online poker, of course. I can play whenever I want to and at any number of tables at any given time.

Q. How do you see the future of the Online Real Money Poker Industry?
Very optimistic about professional Poker in India. I hope to see many more young players in Online Poker, and Poker being socially accepted by the mass.

Q. How is it like to play at Pocket52? What is your perspective on our cryptographically-secure RNG+ platform?
Well, I believe it’s the best Online Poker Platform in India! The user interface is excellent, and poker players can never get better than RNG+ provided by Pocket52. Love it!

Q. How has been your experience with the Pocket Vault?
Fabulous! Poker was never this rewarding before… I believe it’s undoubtedly the best Poker Loyalty Programme in India!

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