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Mohak Kapoor won INR 3 LAC at Pocket52’s 15 LAC GTD Tournament

Not all poker players have stories filled with sugar and spice. Some are just born with excellent analytical skills, a poker-friendly environment, and a journey scoring nice. Mohak Kapoor who recently won INR 3 Lac at Pocket52’s prime time tournament Pocket Aces is one such aggressive poker shark. At least, that’s what his progressive scores of shipping tourneys at various online poker platforms suggest.

mohak kapoor

“I started playing cards when I was 15. And it was mostly with family during Diwali rituals. When our elders had their card games on, even we kids used to play Teen Patti separately. Among those kids, Yuvraj Bharadwaj was a friend who introduced me to poker for good. It has been 12 years now that I am grinding. And I am lovin it. Even though I am a foodie, but I am lovin it more than McDonald’s. You get that emotion here. Right?. Poker is more than a game to me. It is my passion, and I am soon planning to make it my full-time profession.” quoted Mohak Kapoor. 

Since poker as a profession is yet not accepted well in our country, Mohak chose to take a banking job in Induslnd Bank after his graduation. But guess what, his favorite hours of the day were after office hours which he invested in learning the game and churning the money by playing poker online. Mohak says, “My first ever online poker winning was INR 1500, and the same day I did grind at another table as well, and it was INR 9500. This boosted my confidence and enhanced my trust in my skills. And I never looked back”. Mohak also played cash tables during his college days, and his opponents always witnessed the thrilling game. Apart from his recent winning of 3 Lacs at Pocket52, he also won INR 23 Lacs at one of the very renowned online poker platforms. Personally, Mohak prefers playing tourneys that start around 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm at night so that he can have enough time to sleep as well. He believes in having a good routine and waking up early, it helps him stick to the schedule. According to Mohak, a happy and healthy mind can always play a calm, strategic and peaceful game.

Talking about the strategic game, this poker player from Delhi related chess to poker a lot. “Concentration, patience, planning, the anticipation of the moves, and adaptation to the opponent are few skills that a player needs for both games”, said Mohak. In his free time, he likes playing chess with his father. And since his love for card games goes back to his childhood days, he often plays cards with his dad too. And sometimes, tries to teach him poker as well. Mohak says, “More he knows the game, the easier it will be for me to convince him to accept poker as my profession”.

If we talk about the love of his life, WSOP Bracelet is the only answer that comes out. Yes, like every poker player even Mohak aspires to play the final table at WSOP and win a bracelet one day. In the last 7 years, he has won INR 1 Crore + with his exceptional skills in shipping tournaments. About Pocket52, he says, “The wonderful interface and very humble, fast, and helpful customer support has given him even more reasons to continue playing at Pocket52. He is astonished by the growth Pocket52 has made in recent months and wishes them good luck to grow continuously”.

So this was the story of ace poker player Mohak Kapoor who believes that to be the best, you must be able to handle the worst, and age is just a number. Start your game at whatever age you are. 

What is your story? Ship the prime-time tournament at Pocket52 and get your success story featured. May the flop be with you.

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