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Understanding Sidhhumoosewala’s journey from amateur to pro poker player.

Parul: Please share your journey with poker.

Siddhumoosewala: Back in 2010, I began to play poker on Zynga Poker App. Those were my graduation days. Once I got a job I started to play real money poker in 2013. Finally, in 2017 I quit my job and became a poker professional.
Parul: Which poker game type are you more fond of?
Siddhumoosewala: I mostly play Texas Hold’em. I’ve lately been trying my hands on Pot-limit Omaha (PLO)
Parul: What is your long-term planning with poker?
Siddhumoosewala: For the coming 1 or 2 years, I am planning to focus on cash games only. Henceforth, I am planning to grind tournaments.
Parul: What are your thoughts about the WSOP 2019 sprint? What is your strategy?
Siddhumoosewala: Making decent decisions inside and outside the game is my major strategy. All the rest falls under the very preview.
Parul: Please make one piece of advice for the youngsters.
Siddhumoosewala: Lucky are the young ones who have so many resources to grow. My strong advice is to stay very equipped with the practical knowledge of Bankroll Management, maintain discipline, and keep high levels of patience over anything else.
Parul: What has been your favorite poker moment?
Siddhumoosewala: The time when I had won Spartan poker’s SSS leaderboard for a Harley Davidson in 2017. That was fun. One can rarely forget the rush of a win like that.
Parul: What is it like to play on Pocket52?
Siddhumoosewala: Nice. Although it is still the browser version, it works smoothly. This coupled with outstanding support service makes Pocket52 a perfect stop for poker.
Parul: How do you respond to the word poker? How does it make you feel?
Siddhumoosewala: How do you bond with the game?
I am passionate about this game. I tend to lose the idea of time while playing poker. It did teach me a lot. Made me who I am today.
That was a peek into one of our amazing players. BuildChurnWin your poker today at Until Next time!
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