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Talking Poker With Tunafishz

From Winning Lacs During His First-ever Casino Visit to Becoming a Full-time Professional Poker Player, Tunafishz Discusses The Game of Skill He Believes Poker Is The Best Strategy-based Game in The World!

Talking Poker With Tunafishz – Interview With a Professional Poker Player

Q. What does Poker mean to you?
Poker is the best skill-based game. It tests the patience and decision-making skills of a person but is also always lots of fun to play.

Q. Do you like playing poker online or offline? Why?
I like playing live games more as it is less intense than online poker. Also, it’s more fun and has more action.

Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. How did you start playing Poker?
Like many others, I started my poker journey at Zynga poker. We also used to play a lot at our college hostel, among friends. But, when I started working after college I lost touch with the game for a few years. Then, I was re-introduced to poker after visiting some live poker rooms in Bangalore, and later the online websites. I kept playing and exploring the depth of the game. Its been a few months now that I have started playing poker professionally full-time.

Q. What is your favorite Poker moment?
I was playing in a real casino for the first time and had one of my biggest live pots. I check-raised all-in from SB on AK on a JT3 flop, and get called by KJ. I rivered a straight with Q, scooping a massive pot worth ~4 Lacs!

Q. What is your long-term plan with Poker?
It will always be my favorite sport, and I want to improve my game to the best of my ability.

Q. What are your thoughts on WSOP-E?
May the best guy win. I am not much into tournaments; I’m more of a cash player.

Q. Any advice for youngsters starting their Poker journey?
Poker is simple but not easy. Play only when you are sure that you are in your best state of mind for playing. Bankroll management and out-of-the-table decisions are crucial to a winning strategy.

Q. How do you see the future of the Online Real Money Poker Industry?
Day by day, more people are realizing poker is a game of mind. Players are getting very competitive at all levels.

Q. How is it like to play at Pocket52? What is your perspective on our cryptographically-secure RNG+ platform?
I really enjoyed playing on the Pocket52 interface. If you are playing multiple tables for long hours every day, the interface really matters. And, this is what sets Pocket52 apart from most of the others. Pocket52 has kept it smooth and clean, and you do not lose part of your patients struggling with the interface and deposit/withdrawal hassle.
About RNG+: as a player, I did not feel any difference as I believe it will take quite a huge sample to observe and realize that. I like the idea of generating randomness using physical hardware (lava lamps), and that’s really awesome!

Q. How has been your experience with the Pocket Vault?
Pocket Vault is very rewarding and, I believe, is offering the highest Rakeback among other poker sites. It’s exciting to climb up the levels and unlock new prizes.

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