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The mental demands of constant and consuming competition can be big, making the mental game training a very important part of a players learning regime.
Our mind has the ultimate control over everything we perform. Players deliberately train their brains to efficiently handle high-pressure situations. And those who do, come to be called ‘great players’. Nothing beats them, not even their own weaknesses. Now when we talk about poker, it is evident that the mental game is more important in poker than in any other form of competition. It’s one of the only games known where you can play poker online or offline perfectly and lose again and again.
The mental game is seemingly more important in poker than the other genres of competition. It’s one of the only sport in the world where you can play perfectly and still lose.
A mental game coach helps the Poker Player to learn faster, hone their skills better and perform gracefully under pressure when it’s most counted on the table. They guide the players to improve a players mental readiness, focus, ability to ease up nerves, emotional intelligence, mental control of thoughts and more. Mental game coaches helps the players to tap into their potential and push them towards greatness.
Areas where a mental coach assists a player:
  1. A mental coach helps the players clarify and articulate their vision. To answer the major question. “What do you want from your career? The ‘how?’,’When?’ and ‘where?’ of this vision. The mental coach helps the players to design and execute their dreams.
  2. A Mental Coach Provides Objective Feedbacks to the player’s performance. A player gains perspective from the coach’s observation. The coaches envision you at your best while doing the feedback drill and have your best interests in mind in providing feedback and counsel.
  3. Mental coaches assist the players in tapping their blind spots. Discover those areas and build them.
  4. Mental coaches are your confidants. Making a career in sports leads to facing a lot of competition. They assist the players to gain emotional intelligence and keep their head straight all the time.
  5. A Mental Coach trains the players by giving them Mental Training on Mental Readiness And Mental Toughness.
  6. Coaches develop players for piquing situations, for drastic swings in the gameplay and making the right decisions in the midst of every transition.
Mentally Tough Players Exhibit, Personal Resilience, High Emotional Intelligence, Sharp Mental Game Skills and sound risk-taking behaviour.
Introducing Your Mental Game Coach
Pocket52 is introducing Milica Bojic, our international mental game coach. Milica specialises in training ambitious poker players to resolve their mental game glitches, to assist them in reaching and maintaining an ‘A’ game.
Pocket52 is hosting a series of 8 webinars. In the first webinar, Milica will discuss ‘When to get off the table? 4 most understated things you need to look out for if you want to be successful in poker.
Milica is a ‘Mental Game’ coach dedicated to helping poker players who aspire to take their game to a higher level. She holds an experience of over 10 years in her career.

Enrol for the webinar and bring all your friends and take maximum benefits.

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