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Online Poker Sledging ! Do you want to create a persona for yourself’ ?

Does it sound too tempting to miss out on? If so, why?
Logical Reasoning
ls, your logical brain in gear during this decision or your emotional one?

Do you see the chance to bluff like this as being logically advantageous·? Or does it just sound like a fun idea?

Try it and see. Fun’s good but fun isn’t long-term profit or long-term winning in Online Poker. Fun is its own form of ‘win’ but it won’t be teaching you how to play well in Poker. If that’s your goal, stay out of the Poker game chat box.

Big chatters are normally bad players in Poker. Some players keep a running commentary of their own hands. You’re not going to be one of them. Or they spar with their opponents.

But why wind them up?


This is testosterone-fuelled power-posturing to the point where they must be more into the fun of the teasing and abuse than they are winning the game. Otherwise, they’d stop giving away so much info1mation about themselves.

However, is there any gain in reading the chat box to gel clues about your opponents?

Well, first the up-side. If they’re using ii genuinely, that is, in a lonely-hearts-let’s-be-virtual-friends kind of way, you’ll immediately be aware that they are:

Don’t feed Online Poker Sledging !

online poker sledging

We have learn over the years, the best way to defeat online poker sledging is to ignore them, as you take away the one thing they are trying to get – any sort of reaction. The best way to do this is simply to turn the chat box off entirely, so you would never know they did it in the first place.

The second most powerful thing you can do is to report poker sledging. Good online poker Companies won’t think twice about removing chat privileges and this is also the best way to create a better playing environment for poker in general.

In Online Poker Sledging in generally used by keyboard warrior who is almost always a bad player, so ignore them and ultimately pity them, because they are wasting their energies on the things that are not important in poker.

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