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Pocket52— Your Desi Online Poker Platform

India can refocus on the better available choices; it only has to broaden the vision. Online Poker is one of the easy money-making options for the unemployed along with the segment with an unstable income source. Desi poker platforms are a constructive replacement for unproductive video making/uploading apps ingrained by a foreign country for its enhanced internet penetration in India. 

Desi Online Poker Platform

One of the biggest reasons for the success of digital platforms like Tik-Tok was the high rate of unemployment in India (7.8% as of August 25, 2020) along with the large segment which does not have a stable source of income. India can refocus on the better available choices; it only has to broaden the vision. Online Poker is one of the best options. 

How to play poker might be the current question in many heads from the segments mentioned above. To answer that, Online Poker is mostly driven by the numerical and analytical capabilities of players – something Indians are best at. Hence, playing poker professionally on online poker platforms is a fertile ground for them to become self-reliant, showcase their skill, and charisma, and even earn massively. And with the bounce of vocal for locals they can choose a home-grown online poker brand – Pocket52 – India’s largest online poker platform. 

People in India have always relished playing cards with family and friends during festivals. Some also played it as a hobby in their free time or after work hours. Card games that were limited to special festivals and lazy evenings have grown to become a booming profession in India. With the increase in internet and smartphone penetration and the disposable income level of consumers, the poker industry has seen incredible growth over the past decade. The player-centric gaming culture, advancement in technology, augmented reality, and pioneering feasibility of online payment has attracted a huge number of poker players to the Indian Poker Community. Pocket52, an essential and integral part of India’s online poker scene is the first to have a cryptographically secured platform and is acing player liquidity by connecting the Indian Poker Network to poker players from different channels and offering a shared liquidity player pool. 

You can play poker online from anywhere in the subcontinent on any website registered within the Pocket52 network – giving you access to the 2500+ players playing on different tables at any given point of the day – irrespective of their origin site. The number of users has increased with a consistent rate of 25% every year at Pocket52. Isn’t that more thrilling than just producing videos with no objective? A new digital adventure that not only allows you to make real money but also offers you a promising career that could give you your share of fame too! 


Over the past few months, nearly 50 lakh players have signed up for ‘real money poker games across a dozen online platforms in India. Amidst many mushrooming online poker platforms, Desi Poker platform Pocket52 offers one of its kind poker experience to its players: 

  • Seamless Poker Network: Play with users from across the country without having to worry about multiple platforms. Pocket52 brings the tables to you with a huge poker network.
  • Easy To Play: With Pocket52, you can just hop on and play. Don’t want to download it? Just play from any internet browser. Need a better experience? Download our ultralight mobile application for seamless playtime. Playing on a desktop? We have a Windows app for you. Play anytime, anywhere with Pocket52.
  • RNG+ technology: Powered by India’s First Cryptographically Secure Random Number Generator, Pocket52 ensures your games are tamper-proof.
  • Regular Tournaments and Offers: The tournaments get bigger and better every month. Pocket52 offers daily, weekly, and monthly poker tournaments for all kinds of poker players with GTD prize pools in crores.
  • Speedy Cash Withdrawals: Get your winnings at lightning speed with one of the best in business cash withdrawals. Hit an obstacle? Our 24×7 support is there to help you in a jiffy
  • Pocket Vault: The only poker cashback program you will ever need. Play on Pocket52 and automatically get pocket coins, redeemable for cash rewards, gadgets, vouchers, TDS refunds, and much more. The more you play, the bigger the prizes.

Due to the nationwide lockdown, many land-based casinos have switched to online platforms. That too, when the online gaming industry in India is at boom. At present, the online poker industry with an approximate more than 1000 professional poker players stands at a promising market size of $110 and $120 million.

Fore sighting this opportunity a few years back, four poker enthusiasts, Nitesh Salvi, Saurav Suman, Debashish Bhattacharjee, and, Satyam Surendra came together to build India’s largest poker platform with the aim of aspiring people to play poker professionally. Their mantra well aligns with the concept of ‘Aatmnirbhar’ and ‘Vocal for Local’. They even hold special events celebrating popular Indian festivals, such as Holi, Diwali, Eid, etc. Pocket52 is made in an Indian online poker platform crafted significantly for Indians with localized content and social media contests – for an immersive gaming experience.

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