Pocket52 SuperFans Will Fight it Out on the Virtual Felts to Win from ₹2.5 Crore Guaranteed Prize pool & ₹5 Lacs Leaderboard Prizes This Month – January 2022 MTTs!

From daily freerolls to monster GTD tourneys, things at Pocket52 just keep getting bigger and bigger! The experience of playing poker tournaments at Pocket52 is unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed before! Action-packed 3000+ poker MTTs with guaranteed prize pool worth over ₹2.5 Crore offers the opportunity to play some thrilling poker tournaments and win real cash.

Choose your favourite tourneys and register now because January 2022 MTTs also features a massive ₹5 Lacs monthly leaderboard rewards for top-performing players across 2 different leaderboards reset every 15 days – ₹2 Lacs EpicFan leaderboard for mid & high buy-in tourneys and ₹50K SuperFan leaderboard for low & micro tournaments . Show ’em who’s Boss!

Key Highlights
The action-packed fast-paced tournaments at Pocket52 are fully diversified, catering to micro-stakes, small-stakes, mid-stakes, and high-stakes players alike. Choose from over 3000+ tournaments across a variety of different formats, including re-entries, re-buys with add-ons, and at speed of normal, hyper, and turbo. Buy-ins range from ₹11 up to ₹2200.

Our prime time tournaments – Pocket Jacks 1.5 Lacs GTD, Hercules 2.25 Lacs GTD and Ragnarok 3 Lacs GTD are scheduled from Monday to Sunday at 8PM. However, the main attraction always remains the biggest tournament of the weekend – 5 Lacs GTD Pocket Kings every Sunday at 6PM with a buy-in of Rs. 2200. So gear up and block your calendars.

Are You an EpicFan or a SuperFan?

Pocket52 also brings you 2 Leaderboards to compete for in January 2022. The two leaderboards – EpicFan & SuperFan boast a prize pool of ₹2 Lacs & ₹50K cash rewards respectively, and will be active twice a month – Jan 1 to 15, & Jan 16-31. That means, the cumulative prize pool of Rs. 5 Lacs GTD will be shared among 40 leaderboard rankers.

₹2 Lacs EpicFan Leaderboard (1st – 15th Jan | 16th – 31st Jan)
Play daily featured tournaments & win from a total prize pool of ₹4 Lacs leaderboard rewards this January. EpicFan leaderboard tournaments include – Pocket Kings 5 Lacs GTD, Ragnarok 3 Lacs GTD, Hercules 2.25 Lacs GTD, Pocket Jacks 1.5 Lac GTD, Pocket Lunch 1 Lac GTD, Unravel 75K GTD, Dessert 50K GTD, Pocket Snacks 40K GTD, Bottoms Up 40K GTD and Pocket Soda 25K GTD tournaments.

₹50K SuperFan Leaderboard (1st – 15th Jan | 16th – 31st Jan)
Play daily micro tournaments & win from a total prize pool of ₹1 Lac leaderboard rewards this January. SuperFan leaderboard tournaments include – Pocket Tens 10K GTD, Pocket Fives 5K GTD, Knights 3K GTD, Speed 1K GTD & Speed 500 GTD tournaments.

Both EpicFan & SuperFan leaderboards will run twice a month – 1st to 15th Jan & 16th to 31st Jan, taking the total leaderboard reward to ₹5 Lacs!


The top finishers (ITM) in each event will receive points towards the Pocket Tournaments Leaderboard standings – based on the number of entrants, the tournament buy-in and place of finish. The formula to determine the total points awarded to a player for any given Pocket Tournaments Leaderboard is:

LB Points = sqrt (r/p) * sqrt (b)

r = total no of registrations
p = rank of the player in the tournament
b = the buy-in amount of the tournament

Example 1: A player finishes 1st (p = 1), in a (1000+10) Real Cash tournament (b = 1000) with Total Registrations (r) of 70 players. So, Total LB points made by the player = sqrt(70/1) * sqrt(1000) = 264.5751311 ~ 264.58.

Example 2: A player finishes 10th (p = 10), in a (200 + 20) Real Cash tournament (b = 200) with Total Registrations (r) of 225 players. So, Total LB points made by the player = sqrt(225/10) * sqrt(200) = 67.08203932 ~ 67.08.

-Only paid places (ITMs) will be considered for LB points.
-Satellite tournaments & freerolls will not be counted.
-Micro tournaments (5K GTD, 2K GTD & 1K GTD) and other special tourneys, like festivals or mini-series will not be counted.
-Calculated LB points will be rounded off to nearest integer for ease of reading.
-The LB Points will be updated as soon as a Broadway Pockets MTT finishes.

DID YOU KNOW: You can send an invite to your friends to play Pocket52 tournaments using a shareable link (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) – the only online poker platform to offer this unique feature! Check for the ‘copy’ symbol on the lobby of the tournament you want to share.