Unlock the Secret of Winning in Poker with Abhigya Sagar & Milica Bojic. Attend the Poker Bootcamp by Pocket52 at 4PM on 8th February at Sheraton Grand, Bangalore

Pocket52 Presents First-ever Free Poker Bootcamp in Bangalore on Feb 8th, 2020

Poker Bootcamp by Pocket52

Striving to build a consistently winning poker career? It can be challenging as you swing through your highs and lows. Only a few players really make it to the top, and while it may look like luck to some, those who have made it know that it takes both technical and mental skills to get to the top.

Pocket52 is dedicated to building a community of players who take poker seriously and therefore organizing a boot camp which features two experts – Abhigya Sagar, one of the best PLO players in India, and Milica Bojic, an international mental game coach.

5 Reasons to Join the Poker Bootcamp by Pocket52

1. Learn How to Win Consistently

Poker as a game of skill requires consistent work and attention on developing skills. It requires cutting edge technical skills that a professional player keeps improving throughout their entire career. Although seemingly counterintuitive, as a player’s game evolves and technical skills get better challenges get more complex. Naturally, they want to play better games and achieve greater results. This often makes a poker journey more of a rollercoaster ride and it takes specific skills to be able to choose what games to play, what stakes to hit, when to play, how to maintain great performance, and, finally, consistently play profitably. 

Poker involves some amount of luck as well, and that is the one factor that cannot be controlled. But, leaving it all up to luck might yield a few winning streaks at the start but will never work in the long run. The only way be a successful poker player is to control what can be controlled – the level of your technical skills, decisions on what games to play, your mindset, and your mental and emotional state. Mastering the art of handling the complexity of all these aspects of the play will be the main topic of the Poekr Bootcamp.

2. Discover What World-Class Athletes do that Every Winning Player Does

Committing to treating poker as a game of skill sets you apart from the majority of players and puts you in the group of poker sportsmen. It may sound unusual, but it’s serious. If you try to become an excellent athlete, you need to start treating yourself as one. This requires an immaculate practice routine, emotional intelligence, and a strong winning mindset.

In the Poker Bootcamp, the expert poker and mindset coaches will reveal top athlete practices that you should implement into your basic routine.  

3. Learn How to Control Tilt and Enhance Your A-Game

Tilt management is probably one of the most commonly addressed mental game topics in the poker player community. Yet, many players suffer from making emotion-driven decisions on the table which usually brings about losses and gets them on a downward spiral of extensive tilting. Imagine if you could manage your emotions and instead of speaking about damage control (a.k.a tilt management), you could speak about optimizing your performance by using your emotions and feelings to enhance your EV. That would be amazing, wouldn’t it?

Abhigya and Milica will show you exactly what is holding you back from realizing your full potential as a poker player. At the end of the day, it’s not about beating your opponents, it’s ultimately about beating yourself in the game, your own fallacy and weakness.   

4. Find Solutions Specific to Your Own Optimal Poker Performance 

Learning about what needs to be done and applying are two completely different things. The leap from understanding to doing is probably the longest one a man can take. Learning about how to enhance your mental game and strategy is great but no one can tell you exactly how you need to implement it into your own life except yourself. You know best what is going on inside of you, and the best coaches know that. This is why in the Poker Bootcamp you will get an opportunity to learn from experts not only what needs to be done, but get guidance on discovering how to do it yourself.  

5. Get Your Questions Answered by International Experts

Goods coaches know how to speak but, more importantly, they are good listeners. Bring your questions, experiences and doubts to the event and share them with the poker community. It’s the fastest way to excel your progress – to be heard, asked the right questions, and get smart advice.

Abhigya is one of the best poker players in India and has an extensive international playing experience that you can draw upon. Milica has also worked internationally but has lived in India for a couple of years. She’s worked with Indian players for the last three years and has a very deep insight into the industry and poker community. This allows her to train Indian players to extract the highest value in the games locally and abroad.

Learn the Art & Science of Poker from Abhigya & Milica as they train you on how to be a consistent winning player. Attend the Poker Bootcamp by Pocket52 on 8th February @ 4 PM at Sheraton Grand, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

Nikhil – +91 8050540413


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