Create Your Poker Private Table

The convenience of playing online poker games now meets the comfort of your friends. Reconnect with your friends and family over a Poker table, just like old times!

Playing poker online is a serious game for many with some players minting huge profits in a matter of months. However, more casual players play at low-stakes tables and enjoy the game without having to risk large sums of money.

But what about those who simply enjoy a game of Poker with friends? Pocket52, India’s leading online poker platform, has the perfect solution!


Private Poker Table Feature at Pocket52

The newly launched Private Table feature for Poker enables a player to set up their own table and invite only those they would like to play with. Create a game as easy as pushing a button; no need for chips, cards, or a physical table. All you need is friends.

Customize your Poker Table

Creating a Private Table for Poker game is as easy as playing other games on Pocket52 App. All you need to do is log in to your Pocket52 account, click on the ‘Private Table’ tab and create a table. Here you can choose the size of the table, game variation (Texas Hold’em, PLO, PLO5), and blinds. Remember, buy-in gets auto-selected depending on the blinds you select.

Once you set the table as per your preference, a PIN number is generated. The number can be shared with your friends or anyone whom you want to play with. It is necessary for your friends to have an account at Pocket52 to play Poker online. Invitations can be sent automatically from the website which contains the PIN number of the private table along with the invitation link. Once your invitees enter the PIN number in the ‘Private Table’ option in the game lobby, the table opens and the player can jump right into the action.

Invite Your Favourites

At private poker tables, you don’t compete against strangers. You compete against people you already know. You already have an idea about their strengths, weaknesses, habits, and tendencies.  Also, private tables in Poker restrict the view & accessibility to other users in general, unless provided with the access credentials by the creator of the table or by a person with whom the creator has shared the access credentials.


FAQS on Pocket52 Private Poker Tables


Q: What is a Private Table?

Ans: A private table is a cash game table that is created by a Pocket52 registered user and invites his/her peers for a game of Poker. A player can create a maximum of 5 tables at a time in the private game lobby but he/she can join any number of tables to play the cash games. Create your table NOW!


Q: How will a Pocket52 user benefit from creating a Private Poker Table?

Ans: Every user who creates a Private Table at Pocket52 gets a massive benefit. A total of 10% of the rake generated from the table is given to the owner (a pocketian who creates the table) as commission.


Q: How does the commission cycle work?

Ans: The commission cycle is the duration for which the commission will be calculated for the owner and then it will be transferred to the owner’s wallet in the next six hours.  Duration for the commission cycle is 24 hours (12:00 am to 11:59 pm).

For example: if a user generates the commission of Rs. 100 during a commission cycle then that amount will be transferred to his/her account within 6 hours after the commission cycle completion.


Q: How many private tables can I create/host at one go?

Ans: A player can create a maximum of 5 tables at a time in the private game lobby but he/she can join any number of tables to play the cash games.


Q: How many friends can I invite to play at my table?

Ans: You can create a table for 2, 4, 6, or 9 players. So get your friends together, the more, the merrier!


Q: What if other participants on my private table have not signed up with Pocket52?

Ans: It is necessary for your friends and other players to have an account at Pocket52 to join a Private table or play poker tournaments & cash games online.


Q: Can I claim and use bonuses on private tables?

Ans: No, you cannot use the bonus cash to create/enter Private Tables. You can only use Real Cash to create/enter a Private Table.


Q: Can I Play with my private tables winnings on cash tables?

Ans: Yes, you can play with your private tables winnings on cash tables.


Q: What are the minimum and maximum table blinds allowed?

Ans: Table Blinds range from 0.1/0.2 to 500/1000.


Q: What are the minimum and maximum amount of buy-in applicable?

Ans: You cannot select buy-ins. Buy-ins get auto-selected depending on the Table Blinds.


Q: Can I invite people staying outside India to play?

Ans: People outside India cannot play.


Q: For how long is a table valid?

Ans: Once created, a table is valid for 7 days.


Q: What are the game variants that can be played on the private tables?

Ans: All the variants of Poker – No-Limit Texas Hold’em (NLHE), Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) & PLO5 – can be played on Pocket52 Private Tables.


Private Table Lobby

The new Private Tables feature allows a player to play with their friends in a private environment and create the virtual equivalent of a poker night within the comfort of their own home.

So, it’s time to get your friends to the table! Download the Pocket52 app and create your Private Table NOW.

We have one more exciting news for all Mac users! Pocket52 launched Mac OS Poker Desktop App with Exciting Features. Download Poker Mac OS Desktop App and enjoy Poker on Mac at Pocket52.