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Enjoy Up To 30% TDS Returns on your Poker earnings

It’s no secret that almost all types of incomes attract tax deduction at source (TDS) and this stands true for your Poker cash winnings as well. Your cash winnings are considered to be income from other sources that will attract taxes just like your primary income. At Pocket52, we believe in going that extra mile for you. Pocket Vault – our loyalty program covers your TDS worries as far as your cash winnings are concerned.  

How To Avail TDS Benefits?

As soon as you sign up at Pocket52 you also get auto-registered to Pocket Vault – India’s most rewarding poker loyalty program. Starting then, every time you play Poker on cash tables at Pocket52, you win Pocket Coins which can be redeemed for cash or amazing gifts. Every player starts at level 1 and the more they play, the more they win and level up faster. It gets enticing from level 5 where players can avail 10% TDS refund on all their cash winnings. TDS refunds increase as the player graduates. It is 20% for level 6 and for the final level 7, it is raised to a whopping 30%! 

Level Cashback TDS Refund
Fishhooks 21-53% 10%
Cowboys 23-55% 20%
Bullets 25-63% 30%

So what are you waiting for? Earn more while you play more at Pocket52. Let the grind begin!

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