Studying The Game with Vida – Interview With a Poker Player

Studying The Game - Vardaan Agarwal - Interview With a Poker Player

Talking Poker with a Professional Poker From being introduced to free money poker on Zynga to killing it in the real money online poker space in India, Vida discusses the game of skill he loves to play   Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. It all started with Zynga Poker back in 2013 followed by some Poker on 1/2 friendly cash games with my mates during stay overs. After a few months, a friend of mine introduced me

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The Great Vault Digger 2.0 – Bigger, Better & Fully-Loaded!

Great Vault Digger 2.0

Great Vault Digger 2.0 It’s Bigger, It’s Better, It’s Fully-Loaded & It’s Finally Here! Great Vault Digger 2.0 Unlimited Prizes | Unlimited Winners | Unlimited Times Begins – 4th May! The Great Vault Digger 1.0 was a tremendous success with players walking away with rewards & cash prizes worth Lacs. But, the Great Vault Digger 2.0 will be the baap of all contests! Yes! This is because GVD 2.0 is superfused with 2x Leaderboard Rewards & Whoosh Boosters to give

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“High Risks, Higher Rewards” – Nikhil Arora – Interview With a Poker Player

Nikhil-Arora Interview Poker

Talking Poker with Nikhil Arora Q. What is your long term plan with Poker? Learn, Grow and Inspire! Q. Any advice for youngsters starting their Poker journey? It’s your hard-earned money and so, it is your responsibility. When you play poker you should treat your buy-ins as an investment that you make in business – the risk is high but the reward is higher. Play wise and always aim long term. Q. How did you start playing Poker? I

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Winning After Losing It All – Anurag Sharma – Interview With a Poker Player

Winning After Losing It All - Anurag Sharma – Interview With a Poker Player

On His Way to the Top – Anurag Sharma Meet Anurag Sharma – a salaried professional who is a fan of Poker and has been playing the game for many years now. Speaking with Pocket52, the modest and ever-humble Mr. Sharma discusses his initial struggles with the sport, how he lost all his winnings in a string of bad luck and how reading books on Poker helped him win his money back twice over! Read on- Q. Tell us about your

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Playing Poker My Way – Saurabh Saluja – Interview With a Pro Poker Player

Playing Poker My Way - Saurabh Saluja - Interview With a Pro Poker Player

Talking Poker: The Poker Journey of Saurabh Saluja Meet Saurabh Saluja – a salaried professional who is dedicatedly involved in his professional duties and spends the rest of his time between his family and Poker. Saurabh discusses his love for Poker, his 1st live tourney win (which coincidently was at Las Vegas), the pitfalls to avoid, and more! Read on- Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. Having been brought up in a Punjabi family, playing teen Patti came naturally

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The Great Vault Digger Contest – Get Your Shovels Ready and Dig Your Fortune!!

Great Vault Digger Contest

When you play The Great Vault Digger Contest, everyone’s a winner! Grind on your favourite cash tables, dig the vault and win rewards worth Lacs. Playing Poker has never been more rewarding! Do you love playing Poker Online? Do you have what it takes to dig the Pocket Vault and claim the rewards waiting for you? Then, start playing and become the- The Great Vault Digger Begins – 18th April 2019! The Great Vault Digger is a one-of-a-kind coin

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Pocket52 in an exclusive one on one with ‘siddhumoosewala’.

  Pocket52 In conversation with ‘sidhhumoosewala’. Understanding his journey from amateur to pro.   Parul: Please share your journey with poker. Siddhumoosewala: Back in 2010, I began to play poker on Zynga Poker App. Those were my graduation days. Once I got a job I started to play real money poker in 2013. Finally, in 2017 I quit my job and became a poker professional.   Parul: Which poker game type are you more fond of? Siddhumoosewala: I mostly

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