Online Poker Sledging —Playful Banter or Mean-Spirited Insults? (Read 2)

Online Poker Sledging

Read 2: Online Poker Sledging: Followed by Final Read 3 In case if you have missed Online Poker Sledging ! Do you want to create a persona for yourself’ ? Does it sound too tempting to miss out on? If so, why? ls, your logical brain in gear during this decision or your emotional one? Do you see the chance to bluff like this as being logically advantageous·? Or does it just sound like a fun idea? Try it and

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Online Poker Sledging —Playful Banter or Mean-Spirited Insults? (Read 1)

Poker Sledging

Read 1: Poker Sledging : Followed by more up-coming series of posts, towards the love for the game we call “Poker” Poker Sledging .. Have You Ever Been Abused? So let’s start by introspecting our inner self if we have been sledged or abused in Poker whether the online or the offline way? In Cricket, it’s known as “Sledging”; in Basketball, it’s Trash Talk; in Ice-Hockey; “Chirping” & in Poker it’s known as ‘Red Rage Bodytalk’. ‘Besides that’ whatever you prefer to

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