Studying The Game with Vida – Interview With a Poker Player

Studying The Game - Vardaan Agarwal - Interview With a Poker Player

Talking Poker with a Professional Poker From being introduced to free money poker on Zynga to killing it in the real money online poker space in India, Vida discusses the game of skill he loves to play   Q. Tell us about your Poker journey. It all started with Zynga Poker back in 2013 followed by some Poker on 1/2 friendly cash games with my mates during stay overs. After a few months, a friend of mine introduced me

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The Great Vault Digger 2.0 – Bigger, Better & Fully-Loaded!

Great Vault Digger 2.0

Great Vault Digger 2.0 It’s Bigger, It’s Better, It’s Fully-Loaded & It’s Finally Here! Great Vault Digger 2.0 Unlimited Prizes | Unlimited Winners | Unlimited Times Begins – 4th May! The Great Vault Digger 1.0 was a tremendous success with players walking away with rewards & cash prizes worth Lacs. But, the Great Vault Digger 2.0 will be the baap of all contests! Yes! This is because GVD 2.0 is superfused with 2x Leaderboard Rewards & Whoosh Boosters to give

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The Online Poker Innovation: The Evolution Of Random Number Generation RNG Technology

Why is Everyone Talking About RNG aka RNG+? When I started playing real money poker online, I was nervous. Of course, my money was at stake. My heart skipped a beat when I was about to finalise my first deposit. How Does The Playing Card Distribution Work in Online Poker? If Its Online Poker, Will I Get My Money Back? Is Their Random Number Generation (RNG) Technology Equipped To Handle Any Kind of Infiltration? How did RNG+ Make An

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Shape of The Best Poker Site Online For Real Money Gaming.

Best Poker Site In Time

Best Poker Site Online For Real Money Gaming It is 2018, which means Poker Game has been successful online for two whole decades now.  20 successful year of industry and rampant growth calls for a celebration. Especially by those websites who have proved to be the best poker site of their time put their time, innovation and resources in it. The sport picked up popularity quite seamlessly. Ever wonder what it takes to make something like poker catch the spotlight and gain familiarity. And by ‘Like

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