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It’s that time of the year again when harmless jokes and planting hoaxes on friends and family is all in the spirit of fun. But being subjected to pranks, doesn’t always end in laughter. So here’s what we have on offer!  

This April, Fool Nahi, Cool Bano!

Prepare to be amazed instead of fooled with Pocket52’s highly gratifying Poker Loyalty Program which earns you unending rewards and mega cash prizes! Indulge in Pocket52’s Poker tables and bathe in gifts and bonuses! This April, we will be your Genie with more than just the three wishes!

Poker Pocket Vault – India’s most rewarding Poker Loyalty Program gives you more out of every game with a reward system that’s unrivaled in the industry. Pocket52 aims to give its players the maximum benefits with its loyalty program offerings. So, you are always a winner with Pocket Vault irrespective of how you perform on the cash tables.

So how does the rewards program work, you ask? Well, it’s quite simple. As soon as you create an account on Pocket52, you’re auto-registered to the Poker Pocket Vault loyalty program. From then onwards, every time you play on Pocket52 cash tables, you earn Pocket Coins which you can redeem to win real cash, amazon gift cards, all-expenses paid trips, Harley Davidson Bike, luxury cars and many more. And, to top it all, the Pocket Coins have no expiry date. So you can keep collecting till you have enough to unlock your dream prize.

You can claim any reward, regardless of the games or stakes that you play. Once you are auto-enrolled into the rewards program, you start at Level 1, also known as Ducks. The rewards program starts with a very generous 16% cashback from the very first level itself. As you gradually level up, you are eligible for better rewards, including redemption of TDS from Level 5 (Fishhooks). Once you reach the highest level, i.e. Level 7 (Bullets), you qualify to earn the maximum benefits with up to 63% cashback and up to 30% TDS refund from Pocket Vault!


Cashback TDS Refund





Candy Canes










Bullets 25-63%



How does a player get enrolled in Pocket Vault & earn Pocket Coins?

Once a player creates an account on Pocket52, he /she gets auto-enrollment in Pocket Vault at Level 1 (Ducks). They start earning Pocket Coins in Pocket Vault as soon as they start playing on the cash tables.

How does a player redeem Pocket Coins?

Every registered player with a verified KYC can redeem Pocket Coins. Pocket Coins can be redeemed for a variety of cash rewards and amazing gift cards. Earn pocket coins and redeem them to win real cash, all-expenses paid trips, gadgets, latest iphones, Harley Davidson Bike, Mini Cooper, Jaguar F-Pace, and many more. 

Does Pocket Vault benefit a player?

Pocket Vault is India’s most rewarding Poker Loyalty Program that rewards a player for every game they play, whether they win or do not win a game, they continue to generate Pocket Coins. The coins have no expiry date and can be redeemed anytime. At Pocket52, everyone’s a winner.

How does a player claim prizes or cash rewards?

A player needs to click on the “Redeem Rewards” tab to redeem his/her Pocket Coins and choose their desired reward. The Pocket Coin balance gets deducted based on the value of the corresponding reward. The Higher the level, the less it costs to unlock a prize.

How many Pocket Coins is needed to upgrade Levels?

To upgrade one’s level, a player is required to earn a specific number of pocket coins. 


Magnum Candy Canes Snowmen Fishhooks Cowboys Bullets
+250 +750 +2000 +7000 +20000



How does a player’s level downgrade in Pocket Vault?

Pocket Coins have a cycle of 30 days and a player needs to maintain a certain amount of coins to retain his level. Only Level 1 requires no maintenance, all other levels require a predetermined amount of coins. In case a player’s Pocket coin balance falls below the required number of coins, the player will be moved to a lower level.


Magnum Candy Canes Snowmen Fishhooks Cowboys Bullets


250 900 4000 13000



What’s the wait for? Play Poker on Pocket52 and reap the exclusive benefits of Pocket Vault.