The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) 2019

Speak poker as well as you play it. Poker is a game that combines gambling, strategy, and skill. If you like to play poker with real money online or offline then you must know poker series TIPS 2. A few months from now the famed poker series TIPS 2 is launching in Rozvodov, The Czech Republic, Europe. After making a stunning debut in 2018, The Indian Poker Series opened gates for the Indian professional poker players to step into the European Lands.

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Two Indian poker players Jaydeep Dawer and Manish Goenka perceived the Idea of The Indian Poker Series. During one of their trips to the Kings Casino, the duo realized that many Indian poker players lacked the opportunity to play overseas due to the higher buy-in values in the international casinos. This year in 2019 TIPS is coming back with the buy-ins ranging from €45 to €700 which is nicely low and will fit the pockets of the Indian Poker Pros.

This year the series is being hosted in association with Pocket52 along with other online poker platforms. Indian Poker Players have an opportunity to win a spot at the TIPS Main Events by making 25000 pocket coins at and win their way up.

Unlike the last time, a bigger prize pool has been decided for TIPS 2. A total guarantee of over 25 Million Rupees has been set aside for the series. The TIPS 2019, 6-day series consists of a total of 9 events.  We will keep you posted on any new update. Stay Tuned.

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