Talking Poker with a Professional Poker Player

From being introduced to free money poker on Zynga to killing it in the real money online poker space in India, Vida discusses the game of skill he loves to play

Studying The Game - Vardaan Agarwal - Interview With a Poker Player


Q. Tell us about your Poker journey.
It all started with Zynga Poker back in 2013 followed by some Poker on 1/2 friendly cash games with my mates during stay overs. After a few months, a friend of mine introduced me to Real Money Poker games in India and all the money people were making every day. That’s where my real grind started… and here we are today!

Q. What are your thoughts on Great Vault Digger 2.0?
I found both GVD 1.0 & GVD 2.0 really fun to play. I’d say the milestones are a bit challenging to achieve but the returns are exceptional! Simply put, you guys just made Poker games in India way more interesting.

Q. Any advice for youngsters starting their Poker journey?
Study the game and learn as much you can!

Q. What is your favourite Poker moment?
Just like most of the Online Poker players I know, getting the first Royal Flush in my Poker career is still one of my all-time favourites.

Q. What kind of effect do you think the online gaming boom has had on the integrity of the game?
I think Online Poker Games in India have helped new players learn the game aesthetics very quickly. The competition is ever-increasing and it takes no time for the meta to change. Players learn quickly, but to be a winning player they still have to bring their A-game.

Q. What is it like to play on Pocket52? How has been your experience with Pocket Vault?
I found Pocket52 very simple yet supremely elegant. Be it the UI, Contests, Customer Support or Rewards, I’d say Pocket52 provides the best customer experience I’ve ever come across. And the Pocket Vault is a dream-come-true for all Poker players- the rewards and rakeback are challenging but fun to chase.

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