What is World Wrestling Of Poker about?

Indian poker space is only expanding. With the increasing number of professionals making it to the poker online India platform a cash game grind for the ring game enthusiasts. This drill is designed to make the game more competitive for these players who enjoy playing in the cash game format.

Play Online Poker Cash Game

Play Online Poker Cash Game

Know All About WWP Cash Game At Pocket52

Pocket52 launched its second poker game India cash game sprint on the 12th of March and is due to stretch till 31st March. The sprint is happening in three phases namely
Smack-Down Blinds [100-200], [50-100]
RAW [25/50]
NXT [5-10], [10-20]

With a total Guaranteed(GTD) prize pool a whopping Rs 10 Lakh, the three sprints are further divided into 3 parts based on the table stakes. This gives the players the liberty to play the stakes of their choice to participate in the competition.

Out of the three sprints, the World Wrestling Of Poker(WWP) has completed its 1st Phase WWP 1.0 with a bang. The Prize pool for WWP 0.1 was Rs. 2,35,000. Announcing a total of 11 winner positions.

WWP 1.0 (SMACK-DOWN) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
Vegas52 7474
ravishankar 7436
werewolf 7330

WWP 1.0 (RAW) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
Vegas52 4464
Ace11 3441
werewolf 3018
DrHouse 2516

WWP 1.0 (NXT) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
DrHouse 1728
vida 1559
werewolf 1535
harrypotter 1508

The second phase of the series began on the 18th of March and ends on the 23rd of March. For a prize pool of Rs.325,000.00, announcing a total of 11 winner positions.

WWP 2.0 (SMACK-DOWN) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
werewolf 71900
ravishankar 65015
Valuetown 63084

WWP 2.0 (RAW) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
Ace11 27919
werewolf 25364
DrHouse 21716

WWP 2.0 (NXT) Winner

Names Pocket Coins
harrypotter 10060
DrHouse 10011
puneetgamer 9977
durrrrr 9977
vida 9972


The final phase (WWP 3.0) is due to commence on the 25th of March 2019 with the biggest prize pool of all worth Rs.QPR.

As a cash game player, a player can choose their lifestyle bound by no time constraints and be profitable. One can sit and play for as long as they want. The WWP sprint was designed for those who enjoy the thrill of cash games blended with analytical game strategies.
Such a setting frees the players from the concerns of any increments in the blind levels and of course those dreadful downswings that the tourney players must see. giving them space to make decisions at their own pace.

We are sure this poker sprint will intrigue and profit the cash game enthusiasts and also give those tourney players a familiar set-up to grind. So keep playing Texas Holdem Poker and Pot Limit Omaha Poker at Pocket52.

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