yoga and poker

Whether you are an amateur poker player or a professional one, it’s really important to know that physical activities can improve your health and concentration level while playing poker. Physical activity such as Yoga can have immediate and long-term health benefits.

Yoga is a kind of meditative practice that has many advantages, including making you a better poker player. Poker and yoga have lots of similarities. For poker players, yoga is all about mindfulness and the way it tremendously assists them to rev up their poker strategy and functionality. Yoga is an activity that anyone can do; it makes you look better and feel better and you can do it anywhere, just like poker!

Also, there are a lot of benefits of Yoga that help in Poker too.

So How is Poker & Yoga Linked?

Poker is a game well known to incite a feeling of thrill and excitement among players, while at the same time inculcating new skills. It is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by anyone. There are quite a few similarities that connect the games of skill – Poker with Yoga. 

Anyone Can Do It

Everyone starts from somewhere. No poker player was ever blessed with a poker gene. Just like Yoga, where you master the skill by practicing daily, in poker too, you master the game by playing it regularly.

Available Anywhere 

Both poker and yoga are sports with entry levels for all genders, any age, all income brackets, and accessible in every city, offline and online. Just like you choose from many yoga centers and take online classes from the comfort of your pajamas, you can now play poker on Pocket52, from anywhere, anytime from the comfort of your home.

Takes Lots of Patience

Just as you keep practicing to master the skills in yoga, similarly, poker is all about patience. You need to wait for that hand in your game to make an all-in move when the time is right.

Good For Body & Mind

Yoga keeps you mentally alert and activates your critical thinking. So does Poker, which is based on the body-mind connection.

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Yoga Poses for Poker Players To Increase Concentration & Endurance

Yoga is known to be a great way to strengthen thought processes. It helps soothe the mind in stressful situations and it has also been directly linked to improving rapid memory recall.  

Yoga can be painful just like poker. It is good for your mind and body, just like poker is, based on the body-mind connection. Here are a few yoga poses for poker players that will help them increase concentration.

Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

tree pose

The yoga pose for both posture and balance demands extreme concentration to accomplish equilibrium.

Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

eagle pose

Another yoga pose that will challenge your focus and balance is the Eagle Pose. This specific yoga allows you to twist your entire body, requiring you to concentrate on the current moment.

Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

This pose permits you to build your attention and concentration because you keep your equilibrium from standing on one leg using a chest parallel to the floor. Bear in mind that in this particular pose, if your mind begins to drift, you can immediately lose your equilibrium.

Chair Pose (Utakasana)

The Chair Pose helps poker players keep their endurance whenever they will have to sit, particularly during tournaments, even by establishing the power of their ankles, shoulders, and glutes.

Standing Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

Poker may be more stressful. When you’re worried, your endurance and strategy on the Poker table may suffer considerably. This pose is good for bettering your own heart. Besides strengthening your elbows and hamstrings, it can help alleviate strain from your neck, spine, and spine. The Uttanasana is among those ideal yoga poses for all poker players.

Yoga helps you do everything better and this extends to the game of poker as well. Poker, like yoga, and like everything in life, is an activity with no endpoint. It is random and fun and should be enjoyed in its true nature.

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Let the action begin!