Pocket52 Pocket Coins

By playing on Pocket52 poker real-money tables, players can accumulate “Pocket Coins” and gain various advantage within the Pocket52 cash-tables.

By earning Pocket Coins you:

So how Pocket Coins work ?

For every Rs.8 worth of rake generated by you 1 pocket coin is attributed back to you.

Ideal Scenario:

A player is playing with another 3 Poker Players on Pocket52 - Poker Predator Table ( No-Limit Holdem 25/50 ).

Of that Poker Hand a total Pot which concludes at show-down is created which includes 4 Players right from start of the hand till the end of hand and they wager Rs.160 each. So the total pot is of Rs.640 The rake generated by Pocket52 in this pot is Rs.32. The contribution by every player in the Rake is Rs.8 So, 1 pocket coin is generated for every player.

No fractional Pocket Coins are generated, that means we provide one complete Pocket coin only.

Points To Remember:

We, are coming with something really really big in a short-while to attach the Pocket Coin still then Build.Churn.Win @ Pocket52.