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Updated: October 13, 2023

Superboost – Pocket52

Pocket52’s Superboost is a fantastic new offer designed to give players more control and flexibility over their winnings. It’s an exciting feature that empowers you to get more out of your gaming experience. Let’s dive into what Superboost is all about and why it’s something you’ll want to consider.

What is Superboost?

Superboost is an entirely optional feature, meaning you have the freedom to choose whether or not to use it. It’s all about enhancing your options when it comes to handling your winnings. With Superboost, you can decide to either withdraw your entire winnings or take advantage of a partial withdrawal option.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’ve accumulated Rs. 90,000 in winnings. If you decide to withdraw, you’ll get the standard withdrawal process. However, if you choose the Superboost option, you have the opportunity to withdraw a portion of your winnings. For instance, you can withdraw Rs. 45,000, and here’s where the magic happens. Pocket52 rewards you with an extra 4% Discount Credit on the total withdrawal amount, which in this case is an additional Rs. 3,600. Plus, the Rs. 45,000 you withdraw goes straight into your Game Balance. Refer the below video to understand it in a better way:-

Benefits of Superboost:

Choice and Control: Superboost is all about giving you the power to decide how you want to manage your winnings. Whether you prefer to withdraw everything or just a portion, the choice is yours.

Boosted Earnings: By opting for Superboost and going for a partial withdrawal, you not only get to access your money conveniently but also enjoy the extra benefit of a 4% Discount Credit. It’s like a bonus on top of your withdrawal.

Incentive for Partial Withdrawals: Superboost encourages players to consider partial withdrawals, making it more appealing to take out a portion of your winnings while still benefiting from the added value of Discount Credits.


In a nutshell, Superboost by Pocket52 is a game-changing feature that offers you more options and incentives when it comes to managing your winnings.

Whether you want to withdraw your entire balance or choose the Superboost option for a partial withdrawal with added perks, it’s all about putting you in control of your gaming earnings. So, the next time you win big, remember that Superboost is there to help you maximise your gaming success.

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