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Free Referral Is ENDless

You can now earn upto ₹20K by simply referring your poker buddies to Pocket52!

Introducing The Pocket Circle, the most unique & rewarding Friends Referral Program ever seen in the Indian Poker Industry to maximize a player’s benefits! All you have to do is share your personalised referral code with your friends & family, get them to sign up on Pocket52 and enjoy the cash rewards - over ₹20,000 each!

Here’s what you do-

  • Create an account at Pocket52 (if you haven’t already)
  • Share your referral link via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or use your personalised code
  • Get your friends & family to sign up.

You start earning as soon as your referral starts leveling up in the Pocket Vault!

Every time your friend levels up in the Pocket Vault, cash rewards are credited to both of your Pocket52 accounts! This is what both of you will earn-

Vault Level Bonus For You Bonus For Your Referral
Ducks ₹100.0 ₹100.0
Magnum ₹250.0 ₹250.0
Candy Canes ₹600.0 ₹600.0
Snowmen ₹1300.0 ₹1300.0
Fishhooks ₹3500.0 ₹3500.0
Cowboys ₹6500.0 ₹6500.0
Bullets ₹8000.0 ₹8000.0

The Pocket Circle is a goldmine for everyone, not just poker players! You don’t even need to be a poker player to reap the benefits of The Pocket Circle! Earn simply by referring people you know; as long as they sign up & play on Pocket52, you make money (so does your friend) ;)

So start referring and make your fortune!

  • Completion of KYC level 2 (Email & PAN) is mandatory to receive the rewards
  • Your friend must use your referral code on signup to receive the benefits; referral codes cannot be added post-registration.
  • Your referral code can be used by unlimited friends to sign up on Pocket52.
  • The referred player must be new to the site & should not have an existing account on Pocket52 before under any other name.
  • If found with multiple accounts/fake IDs, all accounts will be blocked & cash/ bonus balance will be forfeited.
  • The referred player must be 18+ years of age or above.
  • The referred player must not reside in a territory in which the Services are restricted (Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim or any other Indian state which by law restrict Poker)
  • Referrer & Invitee both will get one-time poker money bonus of ₹100 after sign up.
  • The rewards will be credited to both players’ Pocket52 account as Poker Money.
  • As soon as the referred player graduates to the next level in the Pocket Vault, a one-time additional Poker Money will be credited to both the referrer and referred player instantly according to the table mentioned.
  • Any kind of collusion or soft play is not allowed. If any player(s) is found to be involved in these activities, strict action will be taken against them. Please refer to our fair gameplay policies.
  • The Pocket Circle (Friends Referral Program) will continue for an indefinite period.
  • Pocket52 reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the FRP at any time, without any prior notice.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision taken by Pocket52 will be final and binding.
  • All the rewards are non-transferable.
  • In case the referred friend is not able to maintain the min. Pocket Coins for the current level in the Pocket Vault, he or she will drop to the previous level.
  • If the referred friend drops one level in the Vault and then upgrades to the next level, the referrer and referred player will not be eligible for the rewards of that level (since both had previously been rewarded for the same)