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Course Details:

The mental demands of a challenging sport like poker are evidently very high. Therefore to train and equip the brain is the next step. This course on 'The Mental Game Of Poker' will help the players to build personal resilience, understanding focus, gaining a healthy attitude around bankroll management, build the right habits to be the winner and similar. Pocket52 Churn Sessions, you will gain the knowledge needed to lay out your own strategy and make sure you have a profitable career in poker.

Lesson 8

Coaching and how players can benefit from it to get the edge
Thursday, 18TH Apr
7:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • 4 most common misconceptions about mental game coaching
  • What mental game coaching is and what it is not
  • How mental game coaching can help you excel in your poker career

Lesson 7

All You Need To Know about Tilt
Friday, 12TH Apr
7:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • Why players tilt and what the most common causes of tilt are?
  • How you can recognize different types of tilt and what they mean?
  • What you can do to build immunity to tilt: a simple yet effective strategy to set you on the right path to overcoming tilt.

Lesson 6

How to be sure you are a true professional?
Friday, 29TH Mar
7:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • Recognizing the differences between the professional vs gambler mindset and the ethics behind poker.
  • Poker: A sport or a game?
  • The realities of poker career development: Ups and downs and the ways to deal with them.

Lesson 5

Heart Intelligence & Intuition for Enlightened Poker
3:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • The powerful relation between heart and brain and its role in building tilt resilience.
  • Heart intelligence and intuition for enlightened poker decision making.
  • The art and science of emotional coherence and a biofeedback device that helps you measure and develop zone.

Lesson 4

The Zone: Emotional or Emotionless?
3:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • Understanding performance curve that provides useful insights for mental game management advancement
  • Working with emotions: navigating emotional change and harnessing the power of coherence
  • 3 mental hacks for mastering emotional regulation

Lesson 3

The Zone: Myths and Good Practices
3:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • The 4 myths about the zone, how it happens and it disappears
  • Insights into what the zone is and how it works.
  • The first steps on the path of developing a powerful capacity for being in the zone

Lesson 2

The Mental Game Of Bankroll Management
3:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • The 4 most common bankroll management mistakes poker players make.
  • 3 guiding principles for developing the right mindset for a superior 'A' bankroll management.
  • Advanced Bankroll Management Blueprint that will enable the players to run their bankroll management as a pro.

Lesson 1

Knowing When To Get Off The Table
3:00 PM IST
1 Hour Online Webinar
Lesson Insights:
  • 5 top reasons why players end their game sessions and decrease their win rate.
  • 4 most understated things you need to look out for if you want to be successful in poker.
  • Step by step strategy to help you learn how to manage your poker gameplay.

About Milica Bojic:

Milica is a mental game of poker coach. She is dedicated to training poker players to resolve mental game glitches, reach and maintain an A game and build a professional career in poker.

In 2016 she has started working with poker players and since have worked with individual players and teams from Europe, India and USA.

Milica studies the complexity of the game, poker environment and players’ individual quests to perfecting their skills. She challenges the status quo and brings holistic solutions.

About Pocket52 Churn Sessions:

This is an initiative to impart the best poker knowledge to the players who strive to crush the game. If you are one of them, do attend! Learn poker & other related tips & tricks of the game. Find enriching sessions by industry experts & specialists.