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What is the TDS Policy at Pocket 52 ?

In line with the provisions contained in Finance Act, 2023, following TDS policy is applicable for all players on Pocket 52 from 1 Apr, 2023.

  • TDS is applicable at the time of withdrawal and also at the year end. 
  • 30% TDS is applicable on net winnings at the time of withdrawal and also at the year end.
  • Net winnings at the time of withdrawal = Withdrawals + Wallet balance + Refunds processed – Deposits – Starting balance Fy 2023.
    Net winnings at the time of Financial year closing = Withdrawals + Winnings and Game Balance + Refunds processed – Deposits -Starting balance Fy 2023 (edited)
  • Any net winnings which have suffered TDS at the time of any earlier withdrawal during the financial year would also be reduced while computing Net winnings at the time of withdrawal.
  • Discount Credits that is DCS and TDC are non-monetary and can only be used against Discounted Buy in. As, non redeemable/withdrawable in money terms, thus no TDS is applicable. DCS and TDC balance will be transferred as it in the next financial year

Where can I view my TDS history?

You can view your TDS history as TDS deductions and Final Withdrawal amounts upto last 3 months in the Transaction history. To access the Transaction history go to the wallet section and click on view transaction history.

How and when will I get my TDS certificate?

TDS certificates are shared with our users every quarter on their registered email addresses.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us at

Note: TDS Policy is based on the understanding of the provisions as introduced/ amended by Finance Act, 2023 and the Company reserves its right to modify/ change/ amend the TDS Policy basis law applicable at the relevant time.