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Pocket52 New GST Policy

As per the Government of India, the new GST law on online real money gaming (RMG) will be effective from a date yet to be notified (ie. on or after 1st October 2023). Post implementation of the new regime, every time an add cash / deposit transaction is done, 28% GST will be levied.

Understanding The New GST Policy

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Who is charging this GST?
How do I deposit the GST amount to the government?
What are the changes in the platform post GST?
What is the priority of cash/credits when used for buy-in?

Add Cash

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Do I have to pay any Add Cash charges?
Do I need to pay GST on every Add Cash?
As a business owner, can I claim a GST refund?
Why am I not getting Discount Credits (DC) on Add Cash?
Why am I not getting cashbacks during Add Cash?
In case I request for a refund of my deposited value, will my GST amount also get refunded?

Discount Credits

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What are Discount Credits (DC)?
How can I benefit from Discount Credits (DC)?
How can I earn Discount Credits (DC)?
Where can I see the balance of my Discount Credits (DC)?
Can my Discount Credits (DC) expire?
Can I withdraw Discount Credits (DC)?
How much Discount Credits (DC) can I get in a month?
What are the changes done in the Royalty Rewards Program?

Tournament Discount Credits

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What are Tournament Discount Credits (TDC)?
How can I get TDC?
How to use TDC?
Does TDC have an expiry period?
Can I withdraw TDC?


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Is there going to be any fee charged during withdrawals?
How many times can I withdraw in a day on Pocket52?
Why is withdrawal limited?
What is my withdrawal limit?
Since I am already paying GST, do I need to pay TDS?
What benefits am I getting on TDS?
How can TDC and DC help save TDS?