We live with a mission!

We are dedicated but we also nurture the lighter side of life. Pocket52 is a tech-savvy Poker platform, designed to create an excellent poker gaming experience and is equipped to nurture the dream of players who aspire to be professionals in poker. With a small team of dynamic people, we keep innovating to bring out the best in the players on the platform. We are always innovating to explore the untapped areas of online poker in India. We love socializing. New people intrigue us. We make friends at the speed of light (like its possible at all). But mind you we love trolling! That's a bit about us! Your turn.

Our Journey

November 2017

Once Upon a Time In Bangalore

... Met 4 boys - Nitesh, Saurav, Debashish & Satyam. Their eyes were sparkling with ideas and a dream to #Build something big in the global esports arena, especially with online poker.

December 2017

The Conception

They wanted to sport harder but no playground was enough, so they #Build their own. Bam! Bam! Bam! There comes 'Pocket52', the dream platform designed to #Churn out all the peculiarities in online poker.

January 2018

A Poker Legacy In The Making

Once the boys began to place one brick upon another, they figured out the short-comings in the Online Poker playgrounds. Through rigorous gap analysis, they identified a vast improvement area. After all, gaming was life to them.

June 2018

Creation of India's First RNG+

The Band Built an In-house 'Cryptographically secured RNG' = RNG+ Technology which aims to revolutionize the trust levels in the poker players of our country and beyond.

July 2018

When The Best of Technology meets The Best of Poker

The Boys met Abhigya, who is considered one of India's Biggest Poker Sports personalities. Abhigya was awestruck with the development the team had made and decided to join the gang as an angel and a core team member.

September 2018

New Office & A Hiring Campaign

Brand New Office & The Hiring Campaign Pocket52 found its new office in the heart of Bangalore city. Pocket52 conducts its first Tech-Marathon followed by the Hiring of Tech Legions and Pharaohs driven with the Campaign #DumHaiToAaJaa

December 2018

We are Live !

  • nitesh salvi

    Nitesh Salvi

    Founder & CEO

  • saurav suman

    Saurav Suman

    Co-Founder & COO

  • debashish bhattacharjee

    Debashish Bhattacharjee

    Co-Founder & CMO

  • satyam verma

    Satyam Verma

    Co-Founder & CTO

  • abhigya sagar

    Abhigya Sagar

    Angel Investor

  • Alimpan Barua

    Alimpan Barua

    Vice President - Product

  • Charu Dixit

    Charu Dixit

    Associate Vice President - Network Sales



    Vice President - Operations

  • Herat Maniar

    Herat Maniar

    Head of Marketing

  • Joy Saha

    Joy Saha

    Sales Head - B2C

  • Piyush Sinha

    Piyush Sinha

    Head of Engineering

  • Shalin Gandhi

    Shalin Gandhi

    Associate Vice President - Technology & Application

  • Virendra Singh Bhadouriya

    Virendra Singh Bhadouriya

    Senior Project Manager

  • Zoheab Rehaman

    Zoheab Rehaman

    Chief Of Staff

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