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Updated: May 13, 2024

Poker FAQs

1. What is poker?

    Poker is skill-based game that can be played with the normal set of 52-cards. The objective of this game is to have the best hand or to make your opponents to fold their hands. The game is enjoyed by millions of players for its competitive & social aspects. The International Mind Sports Association(IMSA) recognizes poker as the ‘mind sport’

    2. Is Poker legal in India?

      Yes, poker is legal in India. Upon thorough examination of the Gambling Act of 1867, it was determined that it does not fall under the category of gambling games. It is considered a game of skill rather than a game of chance, and therefore, it is not subject to gambling laws that restrict games purely based on luck. 

      3. I am a school student, can I also play poker?

        Pocket52 are intended for players who are 18+ years of age. So it doesn’t matter if you’re studying in college, school or a working professional, as long as you meet the age requirement.​​

        4. Can I play Pocket52 on Desktop/Laptop?

          Yes, Pocket52 poker app can be played on both desktop and laptop computers..

          5. Which variants of Poker game can I play on Pocket52?

            Pocket52 provides a variety of poker variants to suit different preferences and skill levels. You can play the popular variations like Texas Hold’em & Pot Limit Omaha(along with it’s variant).

            6. Is my Poker Account safe with Pocket52?

              Yes, we value the security and privacy of our users’ accounts. Pocket52 uses advanced security measures and encryption technology to protect your personal and financial information, keeping your account safe and secure at all times.

              7. What happens if I get disconnected while playing? Will I lose the chips on the table?

                In the event of a disconnection, your chips will be protected and not lost. Our system is designed to handle such situations with ease, and you will be able to resume your game once you reconnect to the Internet.

                8. Can I communicate with my fellow players?

                  Yes, you can communicate with other players while playing Pocket52. We provide a chat feature that allows you to interact with your opponents and other players, enhancing the social aspect of the game.

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