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Updated: May 12, 2024
Straight in poker

Straight in Poker

When your hand has 5 cards of consecutive value, it is known as a straight. For example, 5♠️6♥️7♦️8♣️9♣️10♠️is a straight. It’s important to understand that you need 5 cards to make a straight, do not make the common rookie mistake of considering 3 consecutive cards as a straight. 

What is Straight in Poker?

To make a straight, you do not necessarily need to use your two-hole cards. You can use either one of your cards. For example: 

Hole cards: 7♥️A♣️

Community cards on the table: 5♣️6♣️8♦️9♠️K♦️

Straight: 5♣️6♣️7♥️8♦️9♠️

Straight – Hand Rankings

Straight is the 6th most powerful hand in poker game. Right above three-of-a-kind and just below a flush. 

    1. Royal Flush 
    2. Straight Flush 
    3. Four of a kind 
    4. Full House 
    5. Flush 
    6. Straight 
    7. Three of kind 
    8. Two pair
    9. One pair
    10. High card 

What is the Probability of Getting a Straight in Poker?

The probability of making a straight in poker is fairly low and that is why it is considered a powerful hand. Here’s the list of poker hands and the probabilities of making them on the flop: 

Hand Probability 
Royal Flush  0.000154%
Straight Flush  0.00139%
Four of a kind 0.02401%
Full House  0.1441%
Flush 0.1965%
Straight  0.3925%
three-of-a-kind  2.1128%
Two pair  4.75359%
One pair  42.2569%
High card 50.1177%

As you can see, straight is the 6th most powerful hand in poker. If you play it right and make the right bets on the flop, turn, and river, you are bound to win big. But, watch out for flush draws and full house because it’s very likely for someone to beat you with these two hands if they are calling your bet or raising it. 

Example hands

Let’s understand more about straight with a few examples: 

Example 1 (straight on river)

Hole cards (cards that you get): 6♥️7♣️

Flop: 8♣️9♠️2♦️

Turn: K♦️

River: 5♦️

Straight: 5♦️6♥️7♣️8♣️9♠️

Example 2 (straight on turn)

Hole cards (cards that you get): 6♥️7♣️

Flop: 8♦️9♦️2♣️

Turn: 5♣️

River: K ♠️

Straight: 5♣️6♥️7♣️8♦️9♦️

Example 3 (straight on flop

Hole cards (cards that you get): 6♥️7♣️

Flop: 8♣️9♣️10♥️

Turn: A♦️

River: K♦️

Straight: 6♥️7♣️8♣️9♣️10♥️

Strategic Insights

Here are a few ways you can play a straight: 

Check for connected cards

If you have connected cards, i.e. two cards of consecutive value, the probability of you making a straight is higher. For example, if you have 8♣️9♣️as your hole cards, you should look out for that straight. 

Check for open-ended combinations

Open-ended combinations are the ones where you can make straight in two ways, for example, if you have 8♣️9♣️as your hole cards and the flop is 6♥️7♣️K♥️, then it’s an open-ended combination, you can make a straight either with a 5 of any suit or a 10 of any suit. 

Beware of flush draws

Flush is more powerful than straight and getting beaten by it is probably the most common hand that beats a straight. So, beware of flush draws and watch out for players betting on flush draws. 


Straight is the 6th most powerful hand in poker and comes right below a flush. It is a great hand to have as the probability of getting it is pretty low. 


1. Is A-2-3-4-5 a straight in poker?

Yes, A-2-3-4-5 is considered a straight in poker. 

2. Is an ace low or high in a straight?

An ace can be either low or high depending on the straight that you are making. In A-2-3-4-5 it’s low while in A-K-Q-J-10, it is high. 

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