Hold’em ++ Strategy

Hold’em ++ Strategy

Poker is perhaps one of the most popular card games in the world. Over the years, the game has evolved tremendously and out of it has emerged a plethora of poker variants. The Texas Hold’em is the most played variant of poker. However, for players who love to challenge themselves, there are many other poker variants like Omaha, Badugi, Seven Card Stud, High-Low Chicago, Razz that one can choose from. Now, there is a new variant of poker that players will absolutely enjoy, and that is Hold’em ++.

What is Hold’em ++?

Being a new variant of poker introduced in the Pocket52 poker platform, the Hold’em ++ is just like a regular game of Texas Hold’em, but with a twist. Unlike other types of poker games that have five community cards on the board, Hold’em ++ has seven community cards. There will be three cards on the flop, but the turn and river will have two cards each, instead of one.

The game is easy, all players need to do is create the best-five card hand using a combination of the hole cards and community cards. Players can use either both hole cards, one of the hole cards, or none. The player with the best hand wins the pot in the round.

How to play Hold’em ++?

Like a regular Texas Hold’em poker game, in Hold’em ++ each player on the table will receive two-hole cards face down.

After the hole cards are dealt, the preflop or first betting round will start in the clockwise direction. The game starts with the player sitting to the immediate left of the player in the big blind (BB) position. Each player has an option to call the big blind, fold, or raise when its their turn to act.

When the betting round ends, there will be three community cards that will be dealt face up, this is the flop. After this, another round of betting will commence, starting from the player sitting to the left of the dealer. This player can either bet, check, call, raise or fold his hand.

Once the betting round ends, there will be two turn cards that will be dealt face up. Another betting round will commence after this. When the third betting round concludes, two more cards will be dealt on the board, these are the river cards. After this, the final betting round will take place.

If all players except one, fold their hole cards anytime during the betting round, the hand will end and the last player remaining will grab the pot. If two or more players are in the hand after the final betting round, they will enter a showdown where they will reveal their hole cards. The player with the best five card combination will win the pot.

What are the strategies for Hold’em ++?

When playing any poker game, knowing a few strategies will help you play better. Remember that poker is not only about luck, but also requires skill in how you play. This is why, learning strategies and applying them can make a big difference in your game. Just like any other poker variant, Hold’em ++ also requires strategies to play effectively. Here are some Hold’em ++ strategies to help you.

Choosing Good Starting Hands

In poker, your starting hands or hole cards are important even though they are only one part of the game. Selecting the starting hands you choose to play with also plays into the strategy that you will be using. While having good hole cards plays a vital role in your gameplay, there are also other factors to consider like your position on the table. Players can widen their starting hand range the closer they are to the button.

Another factor when choosing your starting hand, is the number of players on the table. Hands can often have less value against one player than when you’re playing six. However, often times these same hands can have a good bluffing value if you’re up against only one player.

When selecting which starting hands to play with, it’s not only about getting good premium hands like pocket aces, pocket kings, etc but also about how likely your hand will help you win. For example, hole cards like small suited connectors (7s 6s) will help you better as a bluff in a heads-up match but will hold more value in a multi-way pot. So, when selecting an opening hand, just make sure you know your range after the flop.

Bet Sizing

In No-Limit Hold’em games, players can bet how much ever they want. While this gives them the freedom to bet, its also something than can land a player in trouble waters. On a poker table, bet sizing is just as important as making the right call. So, let’s take a look at some of the strategies a player can use:

  • Preflop

The best-known ways of correctly sizing your bet, is to pay attention to what is happening at your table. If the standard pre-flop raise is two times the BB (2xBB), then as a start this is the best route to be betting preflop. If your betting sizes are unusual, it makes it harder for your opponents to make a decision and you might end up in an unsavoury spot. In Hold’em ++, as players have more possible combinations to win, you want to make the right bets preflop to see the action through.

  • Post-flop

If you have raised preflop then you will need to c-bet or continuation bet after the flop as well. In this case, your c-bet size will have to between 50 – 70 percent of the pot. Keep in mind that the size of your bet also indicates the strength of your hand. When it comes to playing with inexperience players, this c-bet will indicate a strong hand, and you will be easily be able win the hand. In Hold’em ++ it is likely that players will not fold so easily as there are still chances of making a good hand at the turn and river.

  • Bluffs

Bluffing is an important part of the game, which is why bet-sizing is important when you bluff. If you feel that your opponent is more likely to fold if you bluff, then sizing you bet is crucial. Since there are a lot of possible combinations in Hold’em ++, players can use bluffing to their advantage. However always think of the possible turn and river card combinations that could come post flop and analyse how the cards can be good or bad for your opponents. It is also good to keep in mind that there will also be less bluffing in the instance of Hold’em ++. If an opponent indicates a strong hand, it is more like that they have a strong hand.

  • Know When To Fold

In Hold’em ++ it can be tempting to play till the turn and river cards fall on the board. However, knowing when to fold is a critical part of poker strategy. If you don’t believe you have strong hands, then its better to fold than waiting to hit a hand on the turn and river. The bets you save is just as important as the bets you make. This will also help you manage your bankroll.

  • Use Your Position Wisely

Poker is not just about having the best starting cards, its also about playing currently from whatever position you are in. Having a good position over your opponent can be a big advantage to your game. This is because if you have a position over your opponent, then you’re able to see them act before you make the decision.

You can also use the position to play more hands post flop which can turn profitable. Information is a vital aspect of poker and the more you have, the better it is for you. You can use this information to help improve your game, bluff better, make effective value bets  and make good decisions in your game.

  • Play Well On The Turn and River

As there are two turn and two river cards on the board in Hold’em ++, players will have to make sure they have the best possible hand combination by the time the river cards fall on the board. If a player has a flush draw on the turn and are waiting for the river card to complete it, make sure you get to the river as reasonably as possible. Players who believe they have the best possible hand after the turn can make it expensive for their opponents to see the river cards by good bet sizes.

  • Know your opponents

Keeping a track of your opponents and how they play are also an important factor. Reading their performance on the table, will help you gauge what kind of a player you’re playing against. You can read a player by the way they bet and the kind of decisions they make on the table. For example, a loose aggressive player will not hesitate to call your bet, so you know that you have to be careful around such players and make wise calls. As any kind of information is useful when playing poker, this is one strategy that will help you make better decisions.


Playing poker should be enjoyable, fun, and challenging. With a new variant like Hold’em ++ thrown into the mix, players can definitely look forward to an exciting time of poker on the felts of Pocket52. While there it may seem a little confusing at first, playing a new poker variant will help you get better and sharper at your game. Hold’em ++ is a poker variant built to give players a more exciting time on the tables.

With these Hold’em ++ strategies at your disposal, you can continue to play and practice the game till you get better at it. Poker as a game should challenge you to bring your very best to the felts and with strategies can help you get there. Having a good strategy before every game is crucial as it will dictate how well you play. Practically implementing these strategies will also help you known how to adjust and perfect your skill. So, keep practicing you will soon be able to ace at your Hold’em ++ poker game.


What is Hold’em ++ in poker?

Hold’em ++ is a new poker variant that is similar to Texas Hold’em. In Hold’em ++, instead of having only five community cards, there will be seven community cards on the board. The first three cards are the flop, the turn and river will have two cards each. Players will have to use their hole cards and the community cards, to make the best five card hand combination. The one with the best hand will win the pot.

Why should I play Hold’em ++?

Poker players will enjoy playing Hold’em ++ given that the odds of their hand improving on the turn and river will be higher, since there will be seven community cards dealt instead of just five. This twist, gives the game an exciting element as you will get more opportunities to make the best five card combination as compared to other poker variants. You will also see more action at showdown and have a good chance of winning a bigger pot.

What is the best Hold’em ++ Strategy?

When it comes to Hold’em ++, there are multiple strategies that can be used for an effective gameplay. The best Hold’em ++ strategy is to know how to choose the best starting hands to play with. Along with this knowing how much to bet is also an effective strategy that players can use to put pressure on their opponents and win the hand.

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