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Updated: July 21, 2023
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How to play loose aggressive poker and win?

Poker is a game full of strategies. To be an ace player, they undergo trials and errors. One of the most difficult opponents in cash games is a player who plays loose-aggressive poker. All players hate it when a loose aggressive poker player takes advantage of them and keeps raising the bets.

Let’s decode more about Loose aggressive poker, aka Lag!

What is “Loose Aggressive Poker”?

Loose aggressive poker is a style of play in which players open and play more poker hands than normal, and they do so in an aggressive and threatening way.

It is possible to deconstruct the term “loose aggressive” to clarify its characteristics in greater depth. –

Loose means that players open more hands than their opponents do before the flop in lag style.

Aggressive refers to a player’s use of betting options such as betting and raising that the community sees as aggressive.

The bluffing levels in loose aggressive poker strategy are quite high, but good lag players tend to be very selective and don’t bluff as much as they should.

Types of Lags playing

Tight aggressive: Playing a tight aggressive poker strategy means playing a small number of starting hands but playing them aggressively by raising and betting.

 Loose passive: Playing loose passive poker means playing too many hands than your opponents and playing them non-aggressive, i.e., check-raising and call.

 Tight passive: Playing tight passive poker means that you will play fewer hands than your opponents, and you will play them submissively, almost always checking or calling.

How to Play Loose Aggressive Poker?

This type of poker requires a fearless, aggressive, and loose style of play – but every move you make must carefully consider your opponent’s and the board’s texture. The maniac’s method is to play every hand and bet every flop, not the LAGs. Knowing when to give up and find the fold is a good LAG.

Players from the LAG poker group are always on the lookout. In contrast to the maniac, they don’t sit around waiting for the perfect hand to come along. They make money when they cause their opponents to make errors through pressure.

LAGs thrive on putting their opponents through the wringer even in the most tenuous situations. In the LAG mindset, cards are only a small part of the game and are not the most important part. The game’s human element is more important than the technical aspects of the game.

A player may be hesitant to call a LAG’s flop bet if they believe it will keep increasing the betting amounts and go all-in on the river if they believe the implied threat.

Not everyone can play LAG as effectively as they can TAG. Don’t get frustrated while paying with short stakes. It takes a lot of practice, skill, and, most importantly, steely nerves.

Loose Aggressive Poker Strategy

Open and aggressive play requires an intuitive understanding of table dynamics, board textures, and opponent weaknesses. It’s not a style for beginners or even intermediate players. Once you’ve mastered the tight-aggressive strategy, you can begin to experiment with the LAG strategy.


Hands preflop LAG is aggressive. Early in the game, they’ll play less aggressively but still know how important position is to a TAG. LAGs never limp and always open-raise.

LAG has 3- and 4-bet lights. This is beneficial. If they fold before the flop, no rake is collected.

Second, they raised the pot, unnerving smarter opponents. A nit may call your 3-bet, but they don’t like playing large pots without a big hand, so they’ll fit-or-fold after the flop. LAG’s continuation bet wins 2/3 of the time.

Raising preflop can tilt a player, who can be profitable.

The plan includes stealing blinds. They’ll steal earlier if tighter players are to their left.


LAG’s skill and knowledge shine in the flop and post-flop. They’ll analyze the board’s texture and their opponent to exert pressure. You can come across the term auto-profit nspot. This term refers to a situation in which a typical rival player folds repeatedly. Because they know which spots have been folded over and over, lag players will continue to bluff incessantly.

LAG exploits any weakness. Their poker hand is less important than their opponent’s and how it interacts with the board. Most players give up when they have nothing, and their opponent is strong.


LAGs exploit any weakness and draw aggressively. Even if the flush draw is the worst possible combination, an open-ended straight draw with a flush draw is the favorite. 

If their hand hasn’t improved, many players will fold to a turn C-bet. So, the LAG double-bluffs where a TAG might C-bet. A massive river bet is almost certain even if you call their flop and turn bets. Those without strong hands may find this difficult. LAG is all about pushing opponents out of their comfort zone.


River LAGs aren’t always dishonest. They can make solid poker hands like everyone else. LAG aims to maximise value whenever possible. With LAG’s relaxed attitude comes the payoff. Most opponents assume a nit or fish with a big river bet has the nuts. After playing loosely, a LAG’s opponent may think they’re bluffing. The LAG will tolerate an all-in bet with a massive value bet.


Don’t overuse any of the above poker tips. You’ll be easier to read, and someone will do bluff raise. Once players with a loose-aggressive poker strategy figure out what you’re doing, they’ll target you and make your time at the tables uncomfortable. Till then implement whatever you learn today play online poker at Poker52


1. What are Lag Starting hands?

 LAGs deal with many hands, often 30% or more than they are dealt. Some of them are- 22-AA, 54s, 75s++,K8o+,K4s+,A2o+,A2s+

2. Is it better to be tight or loose in poker?

Loose-aggressive poker is an effective strategy for some experienced players. A tight-aggressive strategy is usually the most profitable for most players.

3. Is it better to be tight or loose in poker?

Many professional poker players have found great success by adopting a loose-aggressive strategy. However, for most players, a tight-aggressive strategy is the most profitable.

4. Is tight poker profitable?

Not unless someone else offers to pay you. Everyone has read. You will not be paid if you are too tight.

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