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Updated: July 8, 2023
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What is Muck & Auto Muck in Poker? – Pocket52

Poker is a pool of terms. As an online poker player, you may not have encountered the term “muck” in the context of Poker. Another possibility is that you’ve been doing this your whole life without realising it. 

To participate in live or online poker games, you must first comprehend what Muck in Poker is all about. In this article let us decode the “muck” & “auto muck” for you. 

What is Muck in Poker?

In Poker, the phrase “mucking” indicates two different things depending on who you ask. In Poker, your Muck might be anything from:

  • Any of the abandoned or folded hands from rivals who are competing for that hand.
  • Any cards that were accidentally revealed while the game was being played 

“Muck” refers to putting your cards face-down in the centre of the table and discarding them (or folding them). When you muck, you’re indicating to the dealer that you’d want to withdraw from the hand and not participate further.

You may go ahead and muck when it’s your time at the online poker table. Preflop, post-flop, turn, or river – this may be done at any point in the game. A common scenario in which this is used is when you consider your chances of winning the hand are slim relative to the other players still present at the table.

When players lose a showdown, they are likely to Muck their hands rather than reveal their cards to the other players. Even if you muck your cards at showdown, the hole cards will remain visible in the hand history.

What Does Auto Muck Mean in Poker?

The show, Muck hand poker, and Auto Muck the hand are the three choices available on most online Poker playing sites during a showdown.

Auto Muck Poker, on the other hand, what does it mean? When playing poker, players may choose to automatically muck their hands before putting their cards on the table, such as when they know they have a terrible hand. Poker players may opt out of having their hands shown to the rest of the table if they lose a showdown and use Auto Muck poker instead.

How to Use Auto Muck in Poker?

  • As a result of the reasons outlined above, many experts advocate and prefer that you employ the auto muck poker option before the showdown. Auto mucking hands saves the player from having to pick between showing and mucking, which might be a waste of time if the player doesn’t know what they want to do. As a result, the best option for a fast and enjoyable game of Poker is to switch on the auto muck hand or auto muck poker from the beginning.
  • After a showdown, most experienced and good poker players immediately study their opponent’s poker hands in the hand history. If they can glean any information from their opponents, they may use it against them in future games. Auto mucking in Poker prevents players from seeing the history of their opponents’ hands. Thus their cards would remain a surprise until the next hand was completed.
  • In Poker, “Don’t Show When Folding Last” may also signify “automatic muck” in the game settings that display before the showdown. Because of this, if you were to fold last among the other players in the game, then this option would force you to muck your hand. It’s possible that “Muck losing game” and “Don’t display winning hand” imply the same thing when you’re either losing the game or prefer not to disclose your winning hand.

General Muck Rules

  • Your hand is dead when your cards contact the mud, and you cannot win if you do so. Make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you toss the cards into the mud. Attempting to recover cards from the mud is a sure-fire way to fail. This is a flagrant violation of the rules of engagement.
  • The right way to muck your hand: If you want to muck your cards correctly, you should position them in front of the dealer rather than scatter them around the table. At some point, you’ll turn up a card or two and anger everyone at the table.
  • To avoid breaking the rules and etiquette, do not muck your hand out of turn or tell anybody you want to fold. We don’t want to disclose this information to any players in an unfair way. If you want to muck your cards correctly, you need to familiarise yourself with Poker’s showdown rules.
  • As a rule of thumb, if you are a noob, you should never put your hands in the river. Even the most seasoned card-readers make mistakes from time to time. Even in a little pot, losing a winning hand is tremendously upsetting.


Poker’s mucking premise is straightforward. If you’re a newbie or haven’t mastered Poker, fold your cards face-down when it’s your turn, either while betting or at the showdown table. G You may give your cards to the dealer and indicate or vocally proclaim that you’re folding. Expose your hands at specific game stages to affect your opponents’ future hands.

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1. When can you muck in Poker?

While it’s the player’s turn to act in each betting round, mucking may also be done if a player does not want to reveal his cards in the last round of the game. Folding and mucking is occasionally interchangeable in Poker, even though they have quite distinct meanings.

2. When Can You Muck Your Hand in Poker?

To fold or muck your hand, follow the right betting sequence and wait until the action is on you. Only at the showdown may a player muck their hand.

3. Is there an end muck?

It’s now possible to finish Muck since there is now an ending. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life tinkering, you can skip this step.

4. Can you ask to see a mucked hand?

Specific rules specify that everyone engaged in the hand—including those who had previously folded—may request to examine any calling hand after the hand, even if they have previously mucked.

5. Is Mucking in Poker important?

When playing live Poker, whether in cash games or tournaments, knowing when to muck is an important part of your game plan. 

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