Explained – Online Multi-Flight Poker Tournaments!

Poker Multi-Flight Tournament

Multi flight poker tournaments are tourneys where players need to play the flight tournaments to qualify for the main tournament. Each starting flight tournament is played up to the same blind level and surviving players from all the flights qualify for the final main tournament. The final tournament is comprised of all remaining players who didn’t bust out of the flight tournaments.

The final tournament has one prize pool which is collected by all the flight tournaments and aggregated to the final phase, prize pool distribution is done only in final phase tournament. Players can choose to play any starting flight and qualify from one of these flights to the final tournament. Players can’t register directly into final tournament and can only qualify by playing any of the flight tournaments. All tournament winnings will be in the form of redeemable instant cash.

Note: Players will qualify for the final main event even if they finish the flight tournament with one single chip.

For example, a tournament has three starting flights: A, B & C. Flights A, B, and C are played and each flight tournament will stop at a certain level (say level 26). All remaining players from each flight after Level 26 will meet at 9 PM to start the Main Event with their remaining stack (the biggest stack from multiple stacks if any).

The best thing about multi-flight poker tournaments is that any time a player fails to qualify for the main event through a particular flight can take another shot by playing another flight. So, if you fail to qualify through Flight 1A, you can always play Flight 1B or Flight 1C to earn your ticket to the main event!

Here’s a look at an example of an online poker multi-flight tournament to help illustrate the above-


  • Flight Tournaments:
    • Flight 1A – 11.30 AM (Buy-in ₹220)
    • Flight 1B – 2.30 PM (Buy-in ₹220)
    • Flight 1C – 5.30 PM (Buy-in ₹220)
  • Main Event:
    • 75K GTD – 9 PM (No Direct Entry)

To play the 75K GTD multi-flight tournament at 9PM, players will need to-

  1. Register for any of the flight tournaments (Flight 1A, 1B or 1C) with ₹220 buy-in
  2. Survive till the tournament ends (Blind Level 26).
  3. All remaining players from each flight will automatically qualify for the Main Event at 9PM with their remaining stack.

Play multi-flight tournament


  • Players can choose to qualify to the final main event by playing any one of the starting flights.
  • Players cannot register for the final main event directly, they can only qualify for it from one of the starting flights (Flight 1A, 1B or 1C).
  • All remaining players from each flight will be auto-registered for the main event with their remaining stack (the biggest stack from multiple stacks if any).
  • A player can take part in more than one starting flight as long as they are not registered in more than one flight at the same time. Effectively, a player cannot qualify for the final main event twice.
  • An online multi-flight poker tournament has only one prize pool which is gathered by all the starting phase tournaments and summed up to the final tournament. The prize pool distribution occurs only in the final phase.

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